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    Default Spinoff: Clinician recommendations

    So, in light of the recent Kathy Kusner thread and all of the clinic related posts that always pop up, I thought it would be fun/useful to start a thread of recommendations for clinicians.

    So, please name 1 clinician that you would not hesitate to ride with again, and 1 clinician that you would never recommend anybody ride with.

    I have only taken 1 clinic, with Mark Leone. I would absolutely recommend him! He was not too expensive, interesting, created useful and challenging exercises, and was kind and helpful to a woman/horse pair in my group who really shouldn't have been at that level - while making sure not to neglect those who were prepared and able to do the exercises correctly.
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    Default thanks!

    good, helpful review, thank you!
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    It would be great to know how much people are charging for clinics and what you basically got for the money (how many days, how many riders in the session, and brief description of the work). I have no point of reference as to what "not too expensive" means. I have ridden with Melanie Smith Taylor; she does lots of clnics and I can enthusiastically recommend her. Do ride both days; it is a cumulative experience. She was keenly aware that none of us were going to the Olympics and so, she was appropriately encouraging of everyone, at their level. Good flatwork, gymnastics and jumping courses built up throughout the two-day process. Too many riders at once (like, 9 or 10, maybe) but it was 2 hours so everyone got to do each exercise. I think the weekend was $450.

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    We host Melanie annually in October in Fort Lauderdale at Heritage Horse Shows. This year she is back with only 5 people per session (no more than that) so lots of individual attention. As the poster above said, she does a great job and works with the horse and rider that shows up that day. She can adjust quickly if someone needs particular help. I never hesitate to ride with her. It is about $450.00 for the two days.

    I also like Linda Allen; Jeff Cook. The best part of all of these folks is that you can learn equally as much auditing.

    On the no way list...Anne K....just didn't jive with that one.

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