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    Default Ariat Challenge II Tall Boots

    Sorry if this topic has been answered before, but I wanted to ask some sizing advice from someone who might have these boots

    I bought the Ariat Challenge II field boots in a size 7 and a 7.5, both tall regulars. The 7 fits but the right leg is extremely tight and hard to zip up and basically cuts off my circulation when I do get it zipped...aka throbbing/pulsing. I wouldn't be able to ride in them comfortably right now unless I got them stretched out (anyone try der dau boot stretch spray??)

    The 7.5 is a little big in the footbed (which I have gotten an extra insole for) and big in the ankles. It is little taller than the smaller size and obviously fits both legs with 3-4 fingers to spare still between the top.

    Do these boots stretch? Is it better to be with a pair of tall boots that are currently perfect in the ankles but REALLY tight in my right leg and get those stretched out? Or with a pair of boots that are a little big? Will the bigger pair of boots drop more and cause pain in the ankle or will they stretch too much? I have no idea which boot is a better fit!! I fear that the 7.5 will be too big and drop too much, but yet i feel the 7 will be too small and be too short when it drops (it's the perfect height right now). do the challenges drop a lot?

    i'm 5'6" - can't believe im having issues on boot tallness! anyone also have any suggestions on taller boots in a tapered ankle in a regular width? (13 1/2" calf)
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    If you can fit 3-4 fingers in the bigger boots, they're too big already! I think they will definitely stretch and drop and will look ugly. I would go with the tight ones. I've had (and so have many other people on here) boots that didn't even zip all the way at first, and ended up fitting perfectly once they stretched to fit me. I think the smaller ones will definitely stretch enough and will fit nicely. Also, though, you said the bigger ones are taller. If the smaller ones are a little short, or even the right height, they will drop and be too short, and IMO that is the worst. Make sure they are tall enough that they will still be tall enough if they drop an inch or two, and then get the smaller ones and deal with the tightness for a few rides. Once they break in you'll love them! If you're worried about height though I would not get either of them and look for a different brand or different model of boots.

    ETA As far as the boot stretching spray, I wouldn't even use that unless they don't break in at all after a few wears. I would go with the bath tub method first (search on here if you're unfamiliar-there's tons of threads on it) and only use the stretching spray if they're still really tight after that. But they shouldn't be; it's worked on every pair of boots I've ever owned!

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