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    Default Cleaning New Tall Boots

    hi. i hear most people clean them after every ride. one person sais they use Lexol leather soap and conditioner. another said her and her friend, who's been using it for nearly 20 years, uses murphey's oil soap (a bit on a wet rag or sock) and then condition once in a while. all i have atm is bick 4 conditioner so i dont know what to use. dehner boot website said use only water per use, and condition once in a while and NOT to use saddle soap.

    what cleaner do u guys use?
    how often do you condition?
    do you clean or condition the zipper at all?

    im not sure if i should wipe down the zipper or just let it be dirty or what.. my ariat paddock boots zipper got really tough to use after cleaning/conditioning it a few times (but i did it rarely).

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    water and a sponge. I don't worry about the zipper, usually. If they are really grungy (or if I have put off cleaning them for a couple days) I'll use castille soap.

    I also recently put a super light coating of conditioner on the inside of the leg, used my Antares creme conditioner (that came with my saddle). Wouldn't do that for the whole boot though, or use a lot of it on a regular basis (I've had the boots since May, this is the first time I've used any kind of conditioner on them)

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    Keep the zipper area clean to keep the zipper working smoothly. Whether paddock boots or tall boots just wipe with a rag and water to keep off sweat, hair, and dirt. Once zippers get dirty they do not operate smoothly and you may begin to have problems.

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    I have the Butet conditioner, so I use that on my Monaco's then some polish. I wipe it down with a dry rag though first. I definitely leave the zipper alone!

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    I just wipe mine down with a wet rag if they get dirty, and condition every once in a while. I definitely wouldn't put any cleaner on them though, I'm sure it would dry the leather out. As for the zippers, definitely don't let them go dirty, that's what will clog the teeth and get you a slip zipper. I keep mine clean with a brush and put WD40 on them once in a while. It keeps them zipping nicely and helps prevent all the dirt from getting stuck in there.

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