Premier Amour is a 16.2hh bloodbay mare, very well built with excellent manners.
The Good
Winner on the track, dam of a winner on the track. Easy easy easy to deal with on the ground, mild cribber when stalled but not when pastured (she is perfectly happy either way). Average keeper for a thoroughbred. Good feet, does fine barefoot. Loads, clips, ties, stands for farrier, easy to breed, great mother. Did very well on the local hunter circuit when I lived in Georgia. Wonderful head on her shoulders, not spooky, easy to trail ride, the kind of mare you can put guests/husbands on.
The Bad
Was injured over the summer on our fence (the one section of high tensile we have and she found it). Injury was very bad, down to bone on her hind leg, but is healing nicely. She MAY be sound again for light trail riding by spring, but only time will tell. Is very comfortable and requires no ongoing care, just rest. Would like to find her a home as a broodmare where being able to ride her later on would be a bonus, not a requirement. Would happily consider a lease to see if she fits into your life/herd, etc. Permanant home with references ONLY, she would be welcome back with me at any time if she does not work out for you.
This mare is very safe where she is and if an appropriate home is not found will live the rest of her years with me. However I would have to see her get some use as a mom, I have bred her twice and have seen one of her previous fillys and they have all been stunners. I am just scaling down on my breeding at this time.