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    Default Area 2 trainer/sales for 3 yr old?

    I have a lovely homebred 3 yr old filly that just came back from being started. I had originally thought that I would have time/courage/daylight left to continue with her under saddle and start little baby fences with her as she is a sales horse. However, I had my hip replaced in July and am not so sure that I am ready for a 3 yr old at this point in my recovery ( or my age!). I've been on her and have walked, trotted cantered, but she needs to go a little every day and I can't do that. Does anyone have any suggestions for a trainer/sales person who would be willing to take a 3 yr old. ?I know most sales brokers prefer to sell packers for ammies and don't really want babies.

    I prefer a rider with an event background, as I find that the babies get more well rounded with an eventer and actually get out of the ring.....
    You can PM me if that works as well.

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    Hey, sent you a PM...
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    My trainer Kate Hicks will take one like yours. Ryan Woods also does a nice job with youngsters and sales. Tara Zeigler would be another who comes right to mind. All are not too far from you. I can get you numbers for any (or all) of them.

    I'm sure I can think of more. Those are just folks that I know well who come to mind and I have contact info.
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    We sent my daughter's 3 1/2 year old to Denise Rath at her farm in Ocala for a few weeks last winter. He learned to jump 2' courses in a civilized manner in just a couple of weeks. My daughter then went down and had a week of lessons on him. They had a lot of fun. The horse is an Irish Draight Sport horse, so he is calm and eager to learn. My daughter, also a vet, had been trail riding him before he went to Florida, but that was his first serious work. They might do it again this winter, as winter is the only time she can take off for a couple of weeks. Denise is good because she understands the value of teaching the horse to behave well enough for a rider with limited time to have a fun, low stress, ride.

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    Kelley Williams @ A Bit Better Farm:

    Courtney Cooper @ C Square Farm:

    Katie Wherley @ Rock Solid Training:

    Kerry Blackmer @ Miles Ahead Farm:

    Matt Flynn @ Flynn Sport Horses:

    Stephen Bradley:

    Feel free to e-mail me ( with any questions about their individual programs.
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    C-aroline McClung (Atherholt-Dowd) is in VA. great trainer-4**** rider (Rolex & Badminton) she does babies! Plus her farm is gorgeous. You can reach her on Facebook under Red 540-Hill Farm Eventing or you can text her at-540-960-1307.

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    I was a working student for Bobby and Danica Meyerhoff. They stay in Culpepper during the season here and then pack up and take everyone to Ocala for the winter months. They are great trainers, specializing in youngsters and I have seen many success stories coming from their barn. They are also die-hard eventers and love their work. The daily regimen is also top-notch, with every single horse getting some special attention time, whether they are being ridden or not that day. I highly recommend them.

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    Sent you a PM

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    Schramm Equestrian - Dom has a lot of experience with youngsters.
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    Default Young horses

    Hillary Irwin has two of our young horses, and we couldn't be more pleased. We have also watched her bring along a couple of OTTBs. They all are beautiful, relaxed and enjoy their job.
    Attached are links to a couple videos of her riding different horses all of which she has brought along:

    Our 4 y/o Formula One x CCI**TB mare. Very difficult as a baby, now going around like a pro.

    5 y/o OTTB that Hillary has brought along since she came off the track.

    Our 3 year old gelding who Hillary has been working with since the end of the summer. Hillary is the first rider

    4 y/o OTTB started by Hillary off the track.

    Our 4 year old colt earlier this year.

    I couldn't say enough nice things about the way Hillary brings the horses along, and in addition she is nice, honest and hard working, and she loves the horses!! Good luck!

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