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    Feb. 24, 2012

    Default Dressage saddle has Albion 315 tree - what jumping saddle might fit?!

    What on earth is a "315" tree anyway? Is this one of the genesis adjustable trees or something? I understand that it's approximately equivalent to a MW, but I just tried a Kontact Lite monoflap that was supposedly a MW and it was super tight at the top and super gappy at the far ends of the panels -- didn't fit his shoulders at all. Great wither clearance though.

    Anyway I'm interested in maybe getting a K2 jump saddle off ebay or local seller but thinking maybe I need to go with a regular medium or TB tree medium instead of MW after this experience with the Kontact.

    Does anyone know if Albion makes jumping saddles with this same 315 tree?

    Does anyone have experience with the Tolouse genesis system? I'm tempted to test ride the Marielle with Genesis to see if I like the balance and see if the adjustability might suit the ever-shape-changing youngster.

    FWIW after a couple rides I liked the Kontact and it was great to jump grids in, but overall a little wide in the twist for me. My favorite saddle ever is the Devocoux Biarritz, but I sold my old one as it was literally laying on top of the youngster's withers and made him super sore. I've also test ridden an Antares monoflap with a MW tree, fit him pretty well and I loved the balance for flatwork and he went amazingly well in it (didn't have a chance to jump in it), but the seat was a bit big and a friend of mine bought it instead.

    TL;DR - what does a 315 tree mean on my albion legend dressage saddle, are there jump saddles with this tree size, and if a 315 fits my horse well, what size/shape tree should i look for in a jump saddle?

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    Mar. 17, 2009
    The Mitten


    I believe the Legend should be more like a k2, but it depends on the year. I also think the trees vary btw the dressage and jump. BUT you should call Albion with your serial number and they can give you information.

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