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    Default What is the speed fault speed at Starter level?

    Pretty please. Can't find it in the rules.

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    Usually depends on the facility. Some places will make it the Beginner Novice Speed, some will make it 100 mpm faster, some will make it 45 seconds faster than optimun time, some don't even time the cross country phase (my person favorite especially if I am on a big strided young horse that I rather not spend the entire time picking at to slow down to a slow trot to keep from getting penalties.)

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    It's not in the rules because it's not a recognized division. A lot of places don't have a speed fault time, or any timing at all, for the intro/starter/GAG levels. Check with the event to see what their rules are for the division

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    I've seen 275 and 300, but as others have said since it isn't recognized they can do whatever they want with it.

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    Normally it will be on the map if they have one. I would ask if you cant find it, I once didnt see it on the map or posted at the start and assumed they were not timing..... I let my 3 yr old OTTB cruise around at a totally safe speed (i didnt catch the rider in front of me or anything) but i wasnt jogging either. We recieved 800 speed faults! it was really funny considering how truly fast he was on the track (he did 46 second half miles for fun)
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    I think it's usually 275ish which will allow most of your starter riders to trot at least half the course which they will.

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    The OP is asking about speed fault time, which gives faults for going too fast. A number of you are referring to speed used to set optimum time, which if you exceed, you will get faults for going too slow.

    OP - there's not a set speed fault time in the rules that I'm aware of, since Starter isn't a recognized division. You will see some courses imposing a speed fault time, sometimes equivalent to Novice speed (too hard to distinguish between N and BN speeds), but not in all instances. When there is one, it will be marked on the course map, as well as available at the start box. If there is just an optimum time, it is often set very generously, to allow riders to trot much of the course if necessary. That time will also be listed on the course maps and at the start box, and is often around 300-325 mpm. In general, if you canter the course at Starter, you will be absolutely fine, and you usually can trot as well in places if need be. Have fun!!

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