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    Default Has this been discussed?: Forced combining of divisions

    I learned at a show today that beginning in 2013 if there are not a minimum of 6 competitors in a division, that division must combine the splits so there are a minimum of 6 competitors.

    Such that if Junior small and large don't have 6 each, they must combine.

    They are doing this for splits across most of the divisions except 3'3 and 3'6 A/O which still stay "may be combined"

    Where it gets weird is in the Children's Hunter section.

    13. Children’s Hunter
    a. Competitions must offer Children’s Hunter sections in accordance with the specifications of the applicable
    USHJA Zone.
    b. If there are fewer than six entries in any divided section, the sections must be combined. If there are six or
    more entries in each divided section, the divided sections must be held separately.


    9. Children’s Hunter Sections: Obstacles will be 2’ for small ponies; 2’3” for medium ponies; 2’6” for large ponies and
    2’9” to 3’ for horses. Spreads must not exceed the height of obstacle. No minimum height required at Local

    What this means to me is that if there are only 3 children's horses and 3 small children's ponies, these division MUST be combined. I can't think of much of a bigger vast difference than a small children's pony and a children's horse.


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    Yes we have, and no they will not combine childrens pony and childrens hunter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickelodian View Post
    What this means to me is that if there are only 3 children's horses and 3 small children's ponies, these division MUST be combined. I can't think of much of a bigger vast difference than a small children's pony and a children's horse.

    A good judge should be able to score manners, performance, suitability, etc. as appropriate for the equine in front of them. If the judge can't do that , well, they shouldn't be judging.
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    This was standard practice when I was a kid -- maybe not "have to" but shows usually did. However, they would combine the Children's/Adults and not the Children's Horse/Children's Pony.

    I personally like combined classes -- I have always hated paying a lot of money to go and be the only person in a class, or one of 3.

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    Standard practice up here, but pony's aren't combined with horses. For instance, childrens/ammi gets combined. I personally prefer it as I hate going into a class with only 3 people!
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    Yes this rule goes into effect 12/1, so Saturday, unless the show already started. 6 is the new magic number needed and they CAN combined the horses and ponies, but they would combine horses with horses first and ponies with ponies. You only need to combine once, so even if after combining you still have less and 6, but more than 3 in a section, you can go ahead with it.

    The intent of the rule to stop the splitting of sections to have 3 and 3. Too many shows were running divisions with 3 and 4 and not combining them so that everyone would get points.

    The professionals are the only group that will not need 6 to stay split, they only combine with less than 3. Amateur Owner, Junior, Childrens, Adult and Performance are all less than 6 must be combined.

    However, a zone can write different specs regarding combining for the children's and adults. I suspect quite a few will write something regarding combining the ponies and horses, but currently it can and has been done.

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