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    Default Pit Bull folks ?

    I am a pet sitter and have been walking / pet sitting a Pit Bull female for about 5 months now. At first she seemed to love our walks was eager to go and did all her duties readily. A couple of months ago she was stung by a wasp on one of our walks. I saw the wasp land on her back and brushed it away but not before she was stung. I am pretty sure she thought I had stung her as she has not been the same with me since. She doesn't seem to enjoy her walks, in fact often just stops and wants to turn around to go home. She also doesn't do her duties on the walks that we do take. I am trying hard to win her trust again with treats and encouragement. She is a sweet, sweet girl and very friendly with people and has not shown any aggression towards any dogs we meet. She is also a rescue so her owners are not aware of her complete history. They really dot on her and she is pretty indulged in general. Anyway, she is the first pit bull that I have had a lot of contact with. I really want to get through to her so any suggestions from those of you that know this breed greatly appreciated! TIA

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    Try a new walking route.
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    Honestly? Pit bulls are generally extremely stoic dogs. The reason they are so rehab-able is because they are so willing to forgive people for "doing them wrong". If this wasp sting happened a few months ago, and she's acting like she doesn't want to go on walks, I'd be fairly certain the reason she's not eager to go on walks is unrelated to the wasp incident.

    My own pit bull has walked on broken glass in the street, requiring sutures, been attacked by a lab while leashed on the street, requiring an invasive and painful ER visit and sutures/drains, and recently had a hot coffee spilled on her at a cafe. She still willingly goes anywhere without acting worried or out of the ordinary toward any dog or human. This is very characteristic of any even tempered pit bull.

    I would address your concerns with her owner. Mention to them that you're worried she doesn't seem eager to go on her walks since the wasp incident, but that you think it's unusual considering the length of time since it's happened. Ask them if they've noticed any change in her behavior or energy level. Lack of eagerness to go on walks can be an indicator of pain somewhere, and might be a sign that it's time to go to the vet for a check up.

    Props to you for noticing a change in this dog! I would want my dog walker to do the same!
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    I dont think its necessarily a breed related issue. Bee stings hurt, and the dog has remembered it. I agree to try another route and to keep at it. Eventually the dog will associate good feelings with the walk instead of the bee sting.

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    Try another route, and make her walks more exciting. How old is she?

    Our pit bull has a memory like an elephant so when she got stung by a wasp walking down our deck steps (I couldn't figure out why she was turning around to snap at her back because the wasp blended in with her coat ) she would try to avoid the deck steps and would be mindful of THAT one step where she was stung.
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