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    Default Adding a WERM floor to aluminum trailer

    I have a 3 H slant load trailer with small LQ. I am considering having the WERM floor installed instead of dealing with pulling mats in and out to clean the floor. Has anyone had this done? Are you happy with the WERM system? How much was it to install after-market?
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    I got a quote of $975 to add WERM to a 2H BP trailer. I haven't done it yet, but am considering it after I replace the floor. I'm interested to see what other people have to say.

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    Timely thread for me. My trailer is a 2000 Gore. Aluminum floor, 2 H GN SL, with small dressing room. this August, when having it scrubbed, bearings packed, etc, etc, trailer guy showed me the corrosion areas on the aluminum floor--- thankfully no pin holes yet, but the corrosion had to be stopped. So, I investigated the WERM flooring and decided this was the only way to be sure this would get stopped, and as well, the floor sealed so I didn't have to pick up/clean out under mats anymore. Ok...only problem is that I"m in the Fredericksburg VA area, and the ONLY authorized dealer/installer in VA is almost AAAAALLLL the way down in the Southwest part of the state, nearly to Tennessee. Anyway...that trailer dealer had a truck coming to a closer location by me, and then, the dealer also drove it halfway back so I could pick it up in Lexington VA. Now, I know that added (both delivery and picking it up) to the total, but I'm not sure exactly how was worth it to me. For the prep, installation, pick up and delivery (half way) it was $1400.00. My guy is a dancer in the trailer (he'd Fred Flintstone it all the way if he could) so I opted to put my trailer mats BACK in on top of the WERM for extra protection and padding. I"m very very pleased I finally have this done, as I broke my wrist this year and had carpal tunnel surgery as well...and I just can't haul the mats out/clean it all the time anymore. Of course I only just had this done, so not an authority on how well it lasts and lives up to the 'totally sealed forever' claims, but I am glad to have it!
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