Harvestfest Unrecognized Horse Trials & Dressage Schooling

Sunday November 11, 2012

Opens Sept 16, 2012• Closes November 4, 2012
at Unicorn Farm, Mitton Rd, Chesapeake City, MD

Elementary through Training. Novice/Training xc courses have options for Novice or Training.

Horse Trials: $90- per rider / $80- for PC/4H/MAHR grads
Dressage only: $25- per rider / $20- for PC/4H/MAHR grads

Late Entries accepted IF there is room- call the secretary 610-405-0607 (add $20 HT or $5 Dressage)


A variety of solid well built fences on excellent old turf footing.
Great move up courses for horses and riders.


A chance to get some extra tests in or try a higher level....

High Score PC and TB awards.

Enter and pay by mail or online. Go to StAugustinePonyClub.com for details

A safe, fun, well run event- hope to see you there!