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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY

    Default Cat Guarding Kills...

    Our cat Milo, is Mr. Outdoors. He escaped once, when I was bringing groceries in and now we can't keep him from going outside unless we keep every single window in the house closed. He goes right through the screen.

    We gave up the battle, and leave the back slider door cracked for him to come and go as he pleases. As any outside cat does, he started to catch the odd mouse or bird and would leave it outside the back door.

    Then he started bringing them in and burying them in his litter box.

    Now, the past week or so, he's been bringing them in and trying to eat them under the dining room table (umm... no thanks). When you try to take his 'prize' away from him he growls, swipes at you, and will attack your hands/arms/face. We've been having to have one of us spray him with water, and the other scoop the 'prize' up with potholders so he doesn't tear our hands apart.

    This morning, he went after the poor dog on his way in, who was just sunning herself on the back deck. Scratched her to bits and HE walked by HER. I had to dump a glass of water over him, then scruff him and chuck him a little ways away. He hit the ground running back for more. She was sound asleep until he lauched his attack. I picked the dog up to bring her in and he attacked me trying to get to her. All
    over a stupid dead bird.

    If we lock him in/out he'll tear the screens right out of the window, and I really don't want to live with everything all shut up all the time, although I guess if it's our only option then we'll deal.

    I'm just concerned that he's getting so dang MEAN about it. He's usually a pretty sweet guy. He's UTD on all his shots/dewormings/etc, we brought him in last month for his bi-annual checkup and she ran a test for Lyme as well.

    He's getting really nasty. Any advice? Or do I just need a 'get over it, you did this to yourself by letting him go out' kick in the pants?

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    Nov. 17, 2001


    I would let him be an outside cat. Give a box or nest to sleep in and protection from the elements.

    In my opinion, he has lost his privelege of being an indoor/outdoor cat by his behavior.

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    Jun. 14, 2002


    My neighbor's cat was an aggressive hunter - one day she picked a battle she didn't win (not sure with what). She came home with various punctures & they got infected. Despite a week at the vets & 2k later, they ended up putting her down. Winter is coming - lock kitty up for now & revisit the issue in the spring.

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    Oct. 14, 2010


    Little bugger would live in the garage.

    We had one who couldn't distinquish the Karastan rug from the litter box. She wan't very pleasant either. She lived outside/in the garage for years.

    He might pick a battle he can't win. He might not. As far as I would be concerned, he has already picked one battle too many inside.

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    Oct. 28, 2007


    My cat nailed me while I pried live baby rabbit from her mouth. It happens. She has an electronic cat door so can come in and out at will. Apparently it is too hard to bring kills in through the cat door, and comes to the human side door with prey. She gives a special meow when she has prey in her mouth, so we now know when not to open the door.

    I'd forgive her, and perhaps move the body away from the house. I learned the hard way it's more merciful to let your cat finish the job.

    I read about physic a who could communicate with animals, who said to view in your mind a picture of the behavior you want. Animals "think" in pictures. So I imagined dead mice and birds left OUTSIDE the front door. It worked, she does that. I just forgot to include bunnies.

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    Nov. 2, 2001
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    well, for the ugliness toward the can opener...there is such a thing as 'flying lessons'.
    I know that some people cringe at the thought of giving Mister Puss a boot to the rear...but it can serve as an attitude adjuster.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigMama1 View Post
    Facts don't have versions. If they do, they are opinions
    GNU Terry Prachett

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    we call those flying lessons.....

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    Feb. 14, 2012
    Fern Creek, KY


    Thanks, everybody.

    The thinking in pictures is an intresting concept, it can't hurt to try.

    My main concern is that he's going to go after DD, but perhaps, as jcotton suggested, a good dose of actually living in the outdoors will change his attitude.

    DH suggested finding him a new farm home, where he can slaughter things to his hearts content, but I'm not so comfortable with that arrangement.

    I tried to keep him locked inside this morning and he's still wandering around the house, screaming his foolish orange head off. Can cats lose their voices? I sure hope so.

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