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    Default Saddles with panels like the Stonewall?

    So I tried a stonewall saddle and it looked like it could fit my guy well if it had a bit more wither clearance, but I just didn't love it. Killed my knees and ankles as the fenders were so stiff ( and it was used, not new). And although it sat great on the horse, it really pitched me forward while riding. So what are some other options that have and English type panel but more pommel and cantle to hold me in! FYI, this an older TB with a big wither and big shoulder, with some sway in his back. I'd love an actual western trail saddle, but just haven't found anything that comes close to fitting him. And he doesn't like heavy big saddles. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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    Love mine!

    It can be made to precisely fit your horse. And yes, they can be found used with a bit of looking...

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    There are western "bridge" pads made just for horses with some sway to their backs. I had some veterinary friends with such a horse and he did well with his western saddle and bridge pad. I'm not sure if you can adjust the amount of "fill" or shim but if you find a western saddle that might be a candidate, a pad like this could help you and your horse improve the fit.


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    I have, and love, a LEATHER Fabtron called a "Cross Trail. I don't do long distance, but if I did, I think my butt and my horses back would be happy all day. Big plus for me is that it weighs 22 pounds. This:

    I also have a Stonewall that's too narrow for any of my horses. I should sell it OR, get an additional horse.

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