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    Default tips for algae in cat's H2O fountain?

    Hello all,

    My 17 year old cat has renal disease and drinks a lot of water. Several weeks ago I treated him to a $27 pet water fountain from a chain petfood store. He loves it! He does not seem to be begging for fresh water nearly as much, urine output is consistent with a cat with renal disease, nausea is reduced - all good things. Everything about this fountain is wonderful except it is growing algae! I must keep it on the kitchen counter away from the dogs and unfortunately it is a sunny location which, from what I remember from Biology class, promotes algae growth.

    Any ideas? I have scrubbed the heck out of it each week using hot water, a toothbrush and Q-tips but I would prefer to have a less time consuming method for keeping it algae free. If it were a water trough I know the suggestions would be to throw some fish in there! It is essential that kitty uses this fountain to drink so I am concerned about additives. A few drops of bleach? Would that work? Is it cat safe?

    I never thought some cheap-o fountain would be so beneficial and yet consume so much of my time with cleaning! Suggestions are appreciated!

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    I don't know if this would help but people with koi ponds use barley straw. I think they sell some small compressed versions of it. I don't know what the fountain looks like or whether this would work, or if the taste would bother the cat.

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    can you move it to a bathroom counter that might be out of the sunlight?

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