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    Quote Originally Posted by jenm View Post
    HB, you do realize it's against the rules to start a thread like this and not post pictures, right?!
    Thanks for the heads up JenM, I will do my best to adhear to the rules in the future Fortunately... ummm... I mean unfortunately LOL the only souvenir from our first time out is a video my friend was lovely enough to take with her phone. Sadly it's super tiny and was done when almost dark as we were the last to go. However, I'm happy to report we're on board to go back next week the hubby is coming as our deticated stable boy with bloggie in tow. Yep, he's been trained well! So I'll keep you guys posted.

    Also @ bornfreenowexpensive, thanks for the heads up, I would LOVE to find that thread, so I'm going to do some digging. Anything to help me laugh at my own blunders and know "phew I'm not the only one" is a huge help as we progress.

    SwampYankee, thank you for your message. Im a big fan of Stephen Bradley and would love to attend a clinic in the future. I'm hoping to scope out a few in our area and audit some before we jump in. I could totally kick myself for not going to see Lucinda Green when she was at Fairhill over the summer, I think that would have been a golden learning oppertunity even if we were just there to watch. Won't make that mistake again Glad to hear things are going so well and I'll def take your advice to never say never
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    Since it sounds like you are located in Maryland, you should check out Olde Hope Farms events. Very low key, laid back, and everyone is super friendly ! They are in Earleville, below Chesapeake City.
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