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    Default Cat fight abscess

    I ended up with a kitten from a local feral colony who is now pretty tame but flips out if kept inside for long. He got in a tangle with an older, bigger cat last week and ended up with a small puncture that infected quickly. I actually couldn't tell at all that there was a puncture right after it happened and felt a little anal cleaning the little claw mark-scrapes and putting neo-poly-bac on it, but I did. Anyway, he blew up, I got it to drain and put him on a course of left over antibiotics from a different cat. Everything got much better within 4-6hrs, but now has sort of plateaued with a 3/4-1in firm lump.

    Cat is about 6mos old and 6lbs
    Antibio is Amoxicillin
    I's been 4 days
    He inside at night now whether he likes it or not
    I do realize there is a thing called the vet as I'm still recovering from my last encounter

    How should I expect this to resolve if all goes well?
    What happens if it doesn't go well?
    What is the normal, vet directed, treatment?

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    Our barn cat's abcess was treated with 1 antibiotic shot from the vet that is good for 2 weeks. Worked like a charm, she didn't need to go back.

    This antibiotic injection is used especially for the hard to treat and catch group.
    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." --Ghandi

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    Yes, totally agree about the long-lasting antibiotic injection from the vet. Completely removes the "pill" issue.

    Also, please make sure you are WASHING YOUR HANDS each time you've handled the abcess site. Cat drainage is virulent.

    Edit: You ask about the outcome if it does not "resolve." I assume you mean not getting any further treatment, thus leaving the abcess to itself. Your cat will get a systemic bacterial infection that will probably be fatal.
    I realize that I'm generalizing here, but as is often the case when I generalize, I don't care. ~ Dave Barry

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    Coda just recently came up with a presumed bite abscess that blew out. I first noticed it one evening pre blowout, and there was a visible puncture in it, though closed. Cat seemed fine other than not wanting it handled. She had had no treatment at injury, because I didn't know she was injured. Given the hour and that she was eating, active, and acting as usual, I voted call vet the next morning vs. E-vet that night for more $$$. Abscess blew out that night and was quite ugly, DEEP cavity the next morning. Called vet. When we went into the vet a while later, she didn't even bother handling or trying to clean out the abscess (Coda still touchy about that). Checked her over generally physically without probing the sore spot, ensured hydration, etc., played with a feather for a minute. Other than the big, leaking hole, the cat was always acting perfectly as usual. Vet gave the 2-week shot, said she'd be fine. It was around $80, I believe, for exam and meds. Coda did well and slowly healed it in.

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    Often "Convenia" is given as an injection for Cat Bite Abcesses...the reason is, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria will likely be brewing, and often times the abcess heals over and gets worse.

    Keep an eye on it, if it doesnt resolve soon I would get him in for a lance/shot before you need to get drains put in. Hopefully it will resolve without further intervention.

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    Kitty, our oldest barn cat, went in and got her abscess lanced and the two-week shot, but it immediately began filling again, so she's been in the cage in the garage for a week, with a drain and the cone of shame. The price difference between oral antibiotics and the shot was like $12 versus $30. My parents figured it was worth it not to have to try and give her pills.

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    Dec. 13, 2008
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    Thanks all! I got some more drainage last night, but there is also still some minor lumpage. I'll keep an eye on it for sure, as I figure once that stuff decides to run rampant things probably get pretty horrid. But for now, it's more or less draining and possibly the anitbiotics are helping and not setting me up for a disaster :/

    This cat would actually probably tolerate pills ok. He just can't be converted to an indoor cat, as I'm fairly certain he's a biologically engineered serial killer of insects and lizards and will go insane if kept indoors all the time. But he's adapting to staying in from 9pm to 5am, which should take care of most neighbor cat issues. He's been a complete angel about my prodding and topically medicating the lump and giving him liquid oral meds.

    What is the name of the magic 2wk shot? Is that the covenia? I could take him in tomorrow on my day off. I'm still not sure how likely it is to self-resolve vs. turn into a septic nightmare...Definitely would like to avoid total confinement and cones of shame, although my impression right now is that he's on the mend with what we're doing.

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