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    Nov. 10, 2011

    Default My dog is a button pusher

    I have a 1 year old Aussie. She's on the small side ~40 lbs.

    She loves my boyfriends lab (~80lbs), and my best friend's golden (~60 lbs). She loves my mom's mutt (~40 lbs), and the mutt barn dogs (~50lbs). She's nice to all dogs that are littler than she is.

    My BO has two BIG boxers that are 100% muscle that run loose on the farm sometimes (BO's property, she's entitled to let her dogs run around). The first time they came running towards my dog, she peed and hid under the car. The next time, she was friendly, but I put her up because I could tell she was wary. The third time, she approached one of the boxers, nub waggigng and then she got quiet. Again, I put her up because I could just tell there was tension. My dog doesn't come to the barn with me anymore - now that school's in session, there's too many people out after work, etc, etc.

    The other night, I went to watch a kickball game. My dog was on a leash. There was one other dog, a mastiff of sorts (weighed well over 100lbs), that was also on a leash. The owners told me this was the best dog, sweet, sweet, sweet, etc. My dog went up to it, nub wagging, Mastiff was tail wagging etc. The owners were talking to me and I could sense my dog going quiet. It was the same kind of quiet I noticed when she was with the boxer. Not two seconds later, Mastiff is growling, pouncing on, and snapping at my dog. It was ready to eat my dog, who was just standing there almost saying "I dare you." We walked off and she seemed rather unperterbed by the situation.

    What is she saying to these dogs?! Does she know that I'll come to the rescue if she gets into trouble? She can't go around talking smack to dogs that could eat her whole. What's the deal?!

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    Nov. 8, 2007


    She's not talking smack. The bigger dogs are responding to her "standoffishness". They can tell when another dog has fear and are acting on it.

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    Aug. 16, 2006


    Agreed, its unlikely she's talking smack. My male Belgian will talk smack but everyone for a mile can tell. He puffs up his chest like an overgrown pigeon and to totally gets in the other dogs' faces. Rude rude rude. On the up side, he has no clue how to fight and gets thrown down by dogs 1/10 his size. Seriously, my friend's silky terrier flattened him. After that, he's a total mush.

    Most likely, your girl is just tensing up and giving off the "I don't like you near me" signals and that's what the other dogs are reacting to. Keep the meetings short until she gets more confidence and don't let her get to the stiffening up stage. If you have friends with big dogs who are used to puppies, spend some time with them. Its totally just puppy behavior, despite the fact she looks mostly grown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatappy View Post
    What is she saying to these dogs?! Does she know that I'll come to the rescue if she gets into trouble? She can't go around talking smack to dogs that could eat her whole. What's the deal?!
    the deal is that she's a year old and needs to be around appropriate dogs frequently. Dogs who will tell her off if she gets too cheeky, but not try to kill her.

    It's experience, and who she experiences it with matters.

    If you can find a firm minded GSD bitch who is deliberate in teaching manners, or an ACD bitch who can do that, utilize them. It will get noisy, but the older dog(s) will probably not do anything but frighten her a little and a really good dog will invite her to play after.

    Sometimes getting still is a precursor to play as well, but other dogs who don't have good dog skills might not know how to deal with it.

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