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    Default Are all Edgewoods like this? (stitching)

    I got an edgewood as a lovely gift about a year ago or so. the leather is gorgeous (although a tad stretchy), but the stitching is just, meh.
    its not bad enough to consider a defect but its not as straight as my old bobbys bridle, and little loose ends all over. I looked at an other one the other day and noticed it had the same 'thready' like stitching with the loose unfinished ends.
    its a lovely bridle and I feel lucky to own it, but my OCD tack self can barely use it when I have to look at those threads so it tends to stay on the rack and look gorgeous and only come down for special occasions (i wanted to use it as a daily bridle, it just doesnt seem like it would last)
    are all edgewoods like this? it seems so weird that such a high end bridle would have such horrible stitch work? ive only seen two, but seems weird they would both be bad.

    I think im going to sell it since there isnt a point in having something I dont use . Im looking at the Nantuckets from smartpack since I remember seeing one I liked. any comments on their stitching?

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    My experience with Edgewood has been the same - lovely leather, mediocre stitching. As a fellow OCD tack person, it drives me nuts. I just can't justify spending a few hundred dollars on a piece of tack that stresses me out! If you're looking for a higher end bridle, I'd recommend Five Star Tack's hunter bridles - my Piccadilly bridle is my absolute favorite, and the stitching is glorious (and still white, after 6 months of almost daily use). Aramas can also be very nice. In the mid- and lower-ends, SmartPak bridles are very well put together. The leather isn't to die for, but the bridles are well constructed and will hold up.

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    The stitching on my Edgewood was straight and tight, I liked that bridle as much as I did my more expensive Hadfields, Antares and CWD bridles.

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    I have several edgewood bridles that I've ordered over the past 4 years and they are all tightly stitched. My only complaint is how the keepers tend to stretch a bit, but otherwise I really like them.

    The reason I order the edgewood bridles is that they are made here in the US and they will make custom sizes. Since I have a one with a ++sized head, it has to be made to fit him. We also order browbands from them to use on schooling bridles, since all these warmbloods have such big flat foreheads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    The stitching on my Edgewood was straight and tight, I liked that bridle as much as I did my more expensive Hadfields, Antares and CWD bridles.
    Mine too!

    I know Edgewood does sell "factory seconds" which have stitching problems. They are maked with an "X" on the underside of the closure pieces. Maybe your funny-stitching bridle was a second?
    "The Son Dee Times" "Sustained" "Somerset" "Franklin Square"

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    Wink No, mine are lovely

    Over the past 15 years, I've acquired about 4 Edgewood bridles (3 hunters and one figure 8) also have about 5 sets of reins (two regular 56s, long 60s, and two pairs of rubber ones), they all are beautiful. Stiching is perfect, even on the oldest ones.

    As someone else mentioned, Edgewoods are made in the US and I'd much rather support an American company than some French one. It means something to me.

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    I have an Edgewood bridle that is at least 10 years old and it is still in good shape. I don't use it every day as I keep it for nicer things like shows or clinics, but has still been used alot. No loose threads or stitching.

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    Ever thought of sending the bridle back to edgewood with your concerns? I would hope they would not want to have an unhappy customer. Good luck. I'm from the low budget set so my show bridle is a smartpak harwich. I get lots of compliments on it.

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    I have had nothing but success with Edgewood bridles. They are simply, in my opinion, the most beautiful bridles ever made. The quality control standards that the owner of the company adheres to are outstanding. She is also very easy to work with. I have sold many of these bridles and never ever had an issue. I would contact the company or work through the tack shop you purchased the bridle from should you have a concern. The bridles last for years and in my case, over a decade. Best wishes.

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    I bought an ew bridle a year or two ago.. used it once and the corner of the fancy stitch on the nose band popped up when I tightened the NB.. tried to send the NB back to ew.. they didn't care and refused to fix / replace. I like the idea of it being made in the USA but it also be nice if they would stand behind what they make. disappointed in the lack of customer service on there end.

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