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    Apr. 25, 2012

    Unhappy Columbia, MD - 2 cats need homes -- PLEASE HELP!

    Hello all,

    I posted back in Apr/May about Princess Sabine needing a home. Since then, approximately 2 weeks ago, another cat showed up outside my apt. and was starving. I took him in, fed him - filed a "Found" report with the "Humane Society" aka "Animal Control" in this area (also where we got Princess Sabine). I've been advised that the majority of cats get 10 days here before they're 'put down' Neither cat deserves to die, however, they are too disruptive for my small apartment. I am an animal lover and hope to find them good, loving homes instead. I don't know how long I can continue caring for them. Princess Sabine is a female, spayed, all shots. The stray (Tommy) is Neutered, but while we don't know about his shots - he's in excellent health. I was told that after 30 days I can have his rabies and other shots administered (Animal Control even gave me the name of an organization that might help offset the cost, since I am not working full time, nice of them). The male is somewhat affectionate, the female is more independent. Neither has issues with using the litter box -- BOTH have done a great job, with not a single accident since day one. They simply need homes where they can be indoor/outdoor, since this is how their lives began. They have never lived in a strictly indoor environment. We can't let them out here due to danger from the busy road, and also because there is a leash law and I can be fined by the county and property mgmnt for this ' apt. community' ANYONE know of someone who would enjoy a new cat? PLEASE I don't know how much longer I can care for them. Though we 'signed up' for Princess Sabine, she's very unhappy being an indoor cat (though her misbehavior described in the previous post has subsided), she's not a good fit for an indoor only home. PLEASE HELP! Thank you so much.

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    Apr. 25, 2012


    Hello All,

    Anyone in this area (within 3 hrs drive) willing to take a new cat into your home please contact me - I will have to surrender them to animal control where they will be euthanized otherwise. They don't deserve this but I can't continue to care for them in this apt. They need a safe, indoor/outdoor home. It should be against the law for animal control to adopt out cats that have obviously been outdoor animals their entire life and then expect the new home to work out. We were never advised that Princess Sabine had been a strictly outside cat previously. She's a good girl, independent, but likes to be petted. I can only imagine how happy she'd be in a home where she could roam outside and tire herself out chasing things - she'd probably turn into a lovebug... ANYONE? Please help! I don't want to have to live with the fact that I had to be the one to send them to be euthanized but it's them or us right now as the daily mayhem left from their nightly tirades is too much to handle. If they were where they could exert this energy outside they would be such purrfect kitties!!

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    Sorry I can't help you with these kitties but please make sure that your local AC is providing cats with humane euthanasia & not just gassing them en masse (many shelters that "stick" dogs are still gassing cats - though few will publically admit to this).

    Have you contacted local rescues? local vets? advertised on any community boards?

    To de-energize cats, try instigating play sessions, treat/clicker training, agility.

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    How close are you to Bethesda? Alley Cat Allies is there. They do more TNR than rehoming, I think, but are a great resource for all things feline. They may know of local kitty rescues/foster homes.

    The Mouse Patrol -- Barn Cats

    In Columbia -- Mostly dog rescue but may have referrals for cats:

    I Googled

    columbia, md cat rescue

    and found The Mouse Patrol and Tara's House and several other links, including The Washington Animal Rescue League and Cat Rescue of MD, Inc.

    Try Googling that same search term for more. And blessings upon you for keeping the two kitties so long!
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