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    Default Perfect Prep vs. Calm and Cool

    Hi -

    I have a horse who just moved to a new barn and is having some anxiety issues. I want to try something herbal before I go to actual drugs.

    I've heard that Perfect Prep and Calm and Cool both work in 2-4 hours, and I'm thinking of giving a daily dose for about a week.

    Any success stories? Does one work better than the other?


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    I don't know about Perfect Prep but can attest to the effectiveness of Calm and Cool!! That stuff works.
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    Calm & cool, didn't work for us. Perfect Prep made his anxieties even worse .

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    I have often used Calm and Cool pellets for stall rest/injured horses. At the recommended dose (a scoop AM and PM) it did "take the edge off." Just the edge. Didn't turn a fire breathing dragon into a puppy dog, but helped. I saw noticeable differences in many horses, not only my own.

    I have occasionally used a double dose (so two scoops at once) or triple dose (3 scoops at once) for my stress-ball when I knew I had to trailer him somewhere or when I knew life would be stressful for him (4th of July fireworks, etc.) It helped. Again, just took the edge off, but sometimes taking the edge off is good enough.

    I have no experience with the daily Perfect Prep. It's expensive!
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    Also please consider UlcerGard - the stress of the move may be playing a role in the horse's anxious behavior and may be indicating tummy troubles.
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    i have used Quiessence and Total Calm and Focus. Both have magnesium as the primary ingredient plus vitamin B. I have really good success with both. The Quiessence did "reve" up my guy for a day or two and then he settled right down. Magneseim is the ingredient you want, not so much all the herbal stuff. Never had much luck with that stuff.

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