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    Default Land Between the Lakes - KY

    I had visited LBL back in college. My housemate and I went in the Fall and listened to the Elks bugling back and forth at sunset (with some bison running around as well.) When we had passed by various areas, we noticed the Wrangler's Campground and trailers upon trailers, horses, wagons, and more.

    Has anyone from COTH ever been to LBL and stayed at the Wrangler's Campground?

    I loved LBL and exploring the several historic cemeteries around the place.
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    Yes, I have done an endurance ride there. Nice campground.

    I also love the historical cemeteries also. Very interesting.

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    I went to LBL last year - loved it. Wranglers is a nice, big campground - nicely kept, the barns are in good shape if you choose to get stalls for your horses, and there are plenty of trails to ride and explore. Hard to get lost there - though I know people who have, mostly because they are the type who get lost just about everywhere they go.

    When we were there, I think there were some trail closures in the southern part (near the Elk and Bison sanctuary). Kind of a shame because I would have liked to ride that area. Maybe next time.

    Many of the trails are used by riders and horse/mule wagons. We ran into a caravan of about 6 of them during one ride. Couldn't get around them, so we just kind of had to wait on them to get down each hill. It's fun to see them, though. . .and there's nothing like hearing a mule bray for its breakfast first thing in the morning.

    There is one campground loop with more shade - many of the other sites are out in a field where there isn't much shade at all unless you have an awning so it could get pretty toasty there.

    Fun campground, though. Not a "party crowd" but fun people-watching. When we were there, a lot of kids were on "fall break" and so there were a lot of families camping. My tolerance level for most kids is pretty low, but horse-camping kids are cool. it was really fun seeing them ride around camp in little groups.

    There is a farrier as well. I don't remember what his prices are like, but it's nice to have him there.

    I heard that, earlier this year, one of the bridges was closed because the water in the lakes was so high that a boat ran into it. You might want to call the park office and find out what the latest news is on that. Those bridges are scary, high, narrow things to get across even on the best days.
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