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    Cool oh horses....why can't they just tell us what happened?

    My 6 year old ottb has been lame for a month now. He started out lame on his right front, about a 2.5 of 5. It was mildly on and off so we had the vet out. The week before the vet appointment my horse pulled his front shoes (he is really good about that) so we just trimmed him incase we wanted to take X-rays. He became incredibly sore from a terrible trim so we took X-rays anyway and found mild navicular changes in both feet but worse in the left (he was lame on right). He also had some boney changes to both lateral wings of his coffin bones but still worse on the left. (vet still looking into these, they have been sent off to uga). Once we put on a natural balance shoe and pour in pad he seemed better. Fast forward to a week and a half after shoeing and he is now a 3 of 5 in both directions on his right front again! We had the vet out this morning and she also found his origin of suspensory and the branches near the sesmoids moderately sore. We started nerve blocking and he came back leaping and happy and 80% more sound after just the lowest block of part of the hoof. So now that we have narrowed it down, we are going to ultra sound his hoof next week (along with suspensory). Hopefully we will know soon where to go from here. Have any of you had a weird lameness in the hoof? The navicular is SO mild, I cannot imagine this many issues would arise from that. Any ideas on what this could be?

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    Ugh that sucks. But if it were my horse and it blocked to the feet I would MRI them instead of ultrasounding (not easy and can still be inconclusive--ask me how I know! ) especially considering the radiographic findings do not justify the degree of lameness. Good luck.
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