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    Question Help with Horse Show Photos -- Camera & Facebook

    I went to a horse show last Saturday and took nearly 600 photos. I've just started posting them, I have lots more to upload. Yes, I confess, I'm shutter-happy. Unfortunately, I have nowhere near the skill level I wish I had!

    I'm posting them on my Facebook page, but FB seems to have changed (yet again! ) their options. I can no longer find a way to post a photo properly if the camera was turned vertically when the photo was taken. YES, I have already rotated the photo, cropped it, and *SAVED it on my computer!* But when I go to upload it, it shows up on my FB page 90 degrees off. It shows that I've cropped the photo (therefore it's loading the saved, rotated image), but it's sideways. HOW do I get it to post correctly in FB?

    Next issue: my lack of photography skills. The photos I took outdoors turned out reasonably well, but I can never shoot decently in indoor arenas (with natural light). As you can see:

    I'm using a little Casio Exilim and I know it can do more than I can figure out how to do, even if it is a pocket camera and not the most fancy of cameras. Yes, I've read the manual repeatedly, but maybe it just doesn't translate well to me when I'm shooting. It's slow to zoom and slow to focus -- and sometimes sticks maddeningly when attempting either one. Sometimes it over-shoots the zoom setting I'm trying to get repeatedly and I can't get it to stop at the right point. I don't know if that's typical for this camera or if it's got some type of damage (general wear and tear -- I've had it almost two years and take it along frequently).

    The indoor arenas I'm referring to are the small, local barn variety, not the huge, colesium-type, with lighting and thousands of seats. So the main source of light is typically the open doorways at either end of the ring and the windows on the sides. HOW do you avoid the glare issue? Given the darkish interior but bright outdoor light streaming in, I always have way too much glare in my photos. I've tried auto ISO and I've tried setting it at 3200. Sometimes I turn off the flash to avoid using it too close to a horse's face, sometimes I use flash. Some photos need too much zoom due to distance and come out grainy. I've tried focusing on a spot on the rail and shooting as a horse goes by to avoid pointing the lens at the glare from a window or door. Too many of my photos come out grainy or blurry, or both.

    Any tips or suggestions? Thanks for any input!

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    hmmm, I had not uploaded any pictures since June...I had not noticed that they have this little problem now on FB...

    As to the camera...i think the indoor will be the max limit of it.
    The flash won't reach far enough to lighten anything up anyhow unless it's closer than 5 feet or so.

    My Olympus was very limited in low light.
    The shutter lag was maddening and there was just not a lot I could do about it.

    Now I have a Canon T3i and when I use the screen instead of the view finder I experience greater shatter lag as well.
    Now I have to beef up my low light skills again, since marching season started (game 2 tonight) and by the time the kids play its dark.
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    Also just noticed that FB no longer allows you to set a cover photo for an album.

    Thanks Alagirl. Anyone else have suggestions?
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    NEW: Saddlebreds, Dragons, Western Roses, & Cairns

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    There's no reason why they should be coming up sideways... I've loaded pics in both directions on FB with no issues. What software do you use to crop and rotate?

    To change your album cover - go into the album you want to change. Click "Edit" on the top right. Find the photo you want and hover over it. Click the arrow that appears on the top right of the photo and choose "Make album cover". Click the blue "Done" button at top right of page.

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    This won't help you now, but when you rotate the camera to take a picture, rotate it in the other direction. Most photo software will auto adjust rotated images to make them display correctly on screen, but they "assume" that you rotated your camera to the left (so the button to take the pic is on your left and your hand is on top of the camera). If you rotate to the right, it can confuse the "auto-correct" on the software. I bet that is what you are running into.

    It also could be that facebook is reading that the pic is vertical and trying to correct it for you, but because you did the work yourself, it is unfixing what you fixed.

    For the other issue, you'll get best results in low light by turning off the flash (too weak for that big area) and setting a higher ISO. However, the higher the ISO is, the grainier it will be. Going over 800 gets pretty grainy. You can let more light in by putting it on manual and changing your aperture (making it lower, I think) so it lets more light in. The other fix is to lower your shutter speeds, but that will make it blurry, both because the horse is moving too fast and because you have to stand really, really still and not breathe (or have a tripod). My guess is that your camera on auto is trying to do some of these things for you, which is why you are getting the blurry pics - the shutter speed is too low for moving targets.

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    1.) Go into your Facebook album.
    2.) Click the crooked photo.
    3.) Hover over it.
    4.) At the bottom there will be a menu bar, with "Options."
    5.) Click that.
    6.) Select which way you want to rotate the photo.


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