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    Default Check Ligament Injuries

    My horse suffered a check ligament injury this past week.
    Vet is going to shockwave it next week once the swelling has come down a bit more. Current outlook is off until mid October but will know more after shockwaving it.

    Can you tell me your experiences with treating and rehabing your horse from this. The routine when you brought them back into work. Did you use different leg protection than your normally would after this injury.


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    I have dealt with three separate check ligament injuries over the years. I have never done anything above and beyond wrapping and controlled movement (turn out in a small paddock or hand walking) for healing. All healed with a nice linear pattern and no long term issues.

    Going back into work was the typical after layup progression of gradually lengthening the walking then adding trotting and such until back into a full routine, including jumping.

    I did add sports medicine boots while doing our post healing exercise. I realize they do not actually provide extra support but they fulfilled my need to feel like I was protecting the injury the best I could.

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    I've never personally had one but my vet says they are the "best" ligament injury to have. Most heal well in 90 days or so with shockwave and controlled movement. We don't normally wrap but do use surpass on the initial external inflammation. Good luck!
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    Not to hijack the thread, but I have the same issue with my horse. It was really swollen, but the swelling has gone down. Going to start shockwave next week sometime. How long can one expect the swelling in the area? I know its a case by case situation, just curious to what peoples experience is with it

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    My horse is on paddock rest for a check ligament injury. The ligament's structure itself looks OK from what we can see (vet says there is a section you can't image on ultrasound) but the ligament appeared enlarged compared to the 'good' leg and the sheath is inflamed and there is a little fluid. My horse also has an avulsion fracture of the proximal suspensory origin (a tiny piece of bone popped off where suspensory attaches to back of cannon bone).

    We did 3 rounds of shockwave back in June. It seemed to provide him with some temporary pain relief each time, so my advice to you is to be really careful with him after each session. Our horse felt good enough to get a little goofy after each shockwave treatment for a few days, so I restricted his teensy paddock size a bit more.

    On his 8 week recheck, the sheath looked less inflamed but the horse was still 2/5 lame. Bummer. Vet is now suggesting doing PRP around the check. The horse is 22 so slow healing is most likely due to his age.

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