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    Default hoof packing

    my mare is a little sore in the feet because we took her off wedge pads because it was crushing her heels. I was recommended to use magic cushion. based on online reviews it sounds like a pretty awesome product
    the problem is, I really want it ASAP and the tack store that has it is about an hour away and you have to drive in and out through the city which is something I have never done before.
    there is a tack store 20 minutes from where I am that carries Forshners hoof pack, doesnt look like it has the same reviews as the magic cushion, but would like some other opinions.
    in my tack trunk I have an Epsom salt poultice that I pack for abscesses and such, would that work for now and then I just order the magic cushion and use that when it gets there?
    That would be what I would most like to do, if epsom salt will work for my situation. I want to drive to the tack store to buy the magic cushion, but it will be dangerous and it better be worth it if im going to go that route... anyway, thanks for reading, and yes, I am going to schedule a driving lesson for city driving.

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    The green goo that you have works fine but you can also take plain Epsom salt and mix it with betadine to make a "mash" and pack her feet with that.

    Magic Cushion is by far your best bet--just order it from SmartPak--their shipping is REALLY fast!
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    You know city driving isnt that big of a deal to do better then having to wait for the magic cushion to be delivered. Just take your time and you will make it. Sorry i was of no help for what else to use i havent a clue.

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    Fedex will drive through the city for you. Considering the cost of fuel and what your time is worth, it is probably worth the cost to get it shipped to your door overnight.

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