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    Default Help, Please -- Kitty Has a Loose Fang

    My teenaged kitty lost one tooth several months ago and I didn't even notice 'til I found the fang. I had *thought* he looked like he was missing one, but since he hates to have his mouth (or anything else) examined, I hadn't tried.

    Tonight when he was licking his lips after supper he looked like he was trying to dislodge a leftover bit of food (like person trying to dislodge a smudge of peanut butter from their gumline or something), so I sat him down and looked at his mouth.

    One of his bottom fangs is loose, lying sideways. He let me look and did not act like he was in pain, just his usual fussing about my fingers around his mouth. (He fussed even more when I found a FLEA [I'm embarrassed to admit it]) on his muzzle).

    Emergency vet says to wait 'til morning and have our vet check him.

    But in the meantime. What can I do? Anything? Let nature take its course as it did the other time? Try to pull it? Hope he doesn't swallow it? (He didn't swallow the other one, and it was bigger.)

    Please tell me what you would do/have done. I worry so much about everything anyway that sometimes I don't know whether I should do something or just let things ride. Ack.

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    I think I would make one attempt to pull it as it sounds like it is hanging by a thread anyway but if that doesn't work, leave it for the vet. It should be fine until tomorrow.

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    Please don't try pulling it yourself! A loose tooth can still be fairly well seated, & gums can bleed profusely. Let your regular vet handle it.

    One of my old-timers went through this 2 years ago, & the vet had it completely & safely out & flushed with no bleeding in a couple of minutes for just the cost of the office visit.

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