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    Oct. 5, 2009
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    Default Eczema on scalp any home remedies?

    When I was little had it on my legs as I got older that went away but I have always had it on my scalp. Have tried every medicated shampoo commercially available. Nothing relieves the itching/flakes. Have also tried oatmeal baby shampoo, thinking of trying oatmeal dog shampoo, our local pet store has started selling a product by Paul Mitchell

    Anyone have a home remedy?
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    Make sure you are rinsing every bit of soap out, and if you use conditioners or other products that it's not something you're allergic to. If you changed products about the time the eczema started it could be the culprit, and even if you didn't change the company might have changed their formula.
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    My niece's fiance uses pure aloe when he has an outbreak and it works for him. YMMV

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    Nov. 13, 2009


    Get a prescription for a corticosteriod.

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    My boyfriend has struggled with this too. Use a regular, non-medicated sulfate-free shampoon. I like Malin + Goetz Gentle shampoo. It helps a lot, but another thing that's actually worked is rubbing pure argan oil into his scalp. It's expensive but a little goes a long way. Also, do you drink enough water?

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    Nov. 13, 2005
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    No home remedies, but I can definitely recommend Paul Mitchell (human shampoo haha, the one I use is called dry and itchy scalp and has tea tree oil in it) for dry & itchy scalp yet oily hair syndrome, which is not fun!

    I also tried other recommendations - drink more water, and lower temperature in bath/shower were the main ones which I think have helped too.
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    My younger son gets eczema patches - I with spot treat them with a little cortisone cream before he goes to bed when they get bad, and he'll bathe in the morning. It works pretty darn well for him. He'll use Neutrogena T-gel a few times a week.
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    Nov. 18, 2011


    I use head and shoulders every once in a while and have changed my diet. I've heard of others using apple cider vinegar with success.

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    I quit using regular shampoo and went to a baking soda/water/Suave Coconut conditioner mixture, apple cider vinegar rinse, and Garner Triple Condition condition and it helps mine. I have a feeling kicking grains and sugar would probably help me as well.
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    I added vitamin E and fish oil to my diet. really helps me

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanM View Post
    Make sure you are rinsing every bit of soap out, and if you use conditioners or other products that it's not something you're allergic to.
    That's the problem I was having. I'm allergic to the sulfates, and red dyes (and knowing me probably a few other things I haven't figured out yet ), and if I use a shampoo with either I get horrible flaking bleeding patches all over my scalp

    The Nature's Gate shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil works wonders for my particular issues. It's really soothing and helps my scalp recover quickly if I stupidly use something I shouldn't have. I can also use the other Nature's Gate or Burt's Bee's shampoos and conditioners without having my head explode in a ball of fiery doom.
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