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    Quote Originally Posted by foxford View Post
    Outfixed, Consider getting your horse tested for Lyme. Lyme is not huge in your area but it is there. If you do test, only do the multiplex test from Cornell. You vet can pull blood and send it out. That is the only true test.
    This is what I would do with what you described in your horse. The test will run about $150. Good luck!
    Thanks for the suggestion, foxford. I have already been down that road with the multiplex test and he was negative. He's been on the pop rocks, combined with Vit. E & Se and also Mag 5000. He's been getting the Mag 5000 for about two yrs. Skin sensitivity is gone, slight girthiness gone, more settled but still hypervigilant about those stinking deer. We're in the weaning off pop rocks phase right now, giving about 3 single packs a week. I'm not sure exactly what has helped, but he will stay on the other sups and I'll see how his actions change or not when he is completely off the pop rocks. I'll continue to use them if we have a stressful situation looming like trucking off property for something. Thanks again!
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    This is quite interesting to me and something new that I haven't had to deal with before. I have a 5 y.o. Trakehner mare that is very reactive and tends to stress and internalize. She has just come back from some training and she has lost some weight, walked the fence while she was separated from her buddies. I feel sure she is a candidate for ulcer treatment. Soooo -- my question is -- how long do you treat for ulcers that are already there and when do you back off and do the maintenance? She will probably need to be on maintenance for as long as she is ridden and moved around to other sites.

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    30 days is recommended, I believe. Then it's rather important (IMO) to wean the omeprazole down and then off. Long-term use of any medication should not be done without a compelling reason.
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