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    Jun. 10, 2009

    Default They borrowed my trailer--now it's missing parts

    I go out to the barn to haul my horse to a different farm for a month for training since I broke my foot and here's what I find on my nice 2006ish Sundowner 2 horse slant trailer with dressing room...
    --Missing ball
    --Missing both keys to the dressing room
    --Missing the key to the hitch lock (and it was left unlocked)
    --Missing the break away cable
    --Missing 2 nylon trailer ties (there was baling twine to replace them)
    --Missing 2 nylon hay bags
    --Missing my manure rake
    --Not thoroughly cleaned--manure stains on the mats
    Windows open
    --Divider left open (which causes the frame to sag, I'm going to have to go tighten all the bolts up because now you have to lift it to close it)
    --Dressing room is a wreck because they threw everything from the rear tack room up there

    So what should I do? Hand them an itemized list of costs to credit me? I'm probably selling my horse (and trailer) soon, so I would really prefer they credit me the cost of these things than just give me 2nd hang replacements. Luckily we were able to borrow the needed items and still got off the same day. Not sure how to do this without being really rude, but I just expect people to treat expensive borrowed items a little better. Incidentally, the farm would be very interested in purchasing the trailer if I sell it--so can't burn any bridges.

    I let the farm borrow my trailer for quick trips, places that are too small to take the 6 horse, etc. They credit me a small fee on my bill ($30-40/use) and I don't mind helping out. I don't use my trailer that often so it's nice that it gets driven and stays in working condition.
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    Nov. 2, 2009


    Just politly tell them what is missing and needs repaired. They may have it laying around and then I wouldn't expect a credit.
    I also wouldn't keep my personal things in it if you are lending it out.

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    Jun. 15, 2002
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    I would offer it to the barn first as is and not even bother fixing it up as clearly they don't mind it in that condition. If they decline, then ask them to repair/replace your list.
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    I would write a note to the person at the farm to whom you gave permission to borrow your trailer listing all of the issues. Ask if they want to take care of it or if they want you to take care of it and have them reimburse you. You may want to phrase it along the lines of "went to use my trailer and noticed the following items". Are you planning to continue to allow them the use of the trailer?

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    Feckless & irresponsible & I doubt they will actually buy the trailer at any price you would like to sell it for

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    Jun. 10, 2009


    China Doll--While the missing items are "personal things" since I own them--they're basically part of the trailer. I'm not going to strip my trailer of trailer ties and hay bags because I assume the user will use these items. They use the my ball to tow the trailer because their trailer is a gooseneck and mine is a bumper pull. The brake cable, keys and hitch lock are all pretty necessary pieces of the trailer.

    Beethoven--I won't be selling the trailer till after the horse sells which will likely be at least a few months if he sells at all. I also have other interested parties who have told me when I sell the trailer they're interested in buying it.

    JanWeber--Their borrowing privileges will definitely be revoked. I left it at the new farm with the horse anyway, but he will be coming back in October if he hasn't sold.

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    Jul. 12, 2008
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    Say something now, rather than later. Otherwise those items, which may still be laying around, will be gone. I would find out who used the trailer last time, and I would not let them use it again. If you sell it to the barn, you will want the price for it which reflects the condition of the trailer before they misused it, and they will want to pay for the trailer "as is."

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    Jan. 26, 2006
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    gee this reminds me of George McFly doing Biff's homework from Back to the Future...

    but in your future..don't loan your trailer out

    secondly, if I had been my trailer the blood would have been flowing in the parking lot ...and the borrower would have known that prior to using the thing

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    Feb. 16, 2003
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    Check for your missing items in THEIR trailer first, then hand them the list of things not found, for getting replaced stuff with SAME BRAND NAME items.

    Do it NOW, so you get things taken care of swiftly.

    Get your keys for everything back in YOUR hands, and decide if you want to make it be a loaner trailer if you return to that barn.

    I think you are foolish to loan out your trailer, but their using it does add up to a substantial chunk of change in high usage months. However you also get the problem of getting your equipment replaced or found in it's new location when YOU want to use the trailer yourself. You take the chance of trailer getting seriously damaged if they drive it like they left it for you to find.

    I worked hard to get my stuff and no one takes as good a care of it as I do. I do NOT lend or rent out my stuff so it can get damaged. Yep, I AM pretty selfish, but don't have to deal with these kind of issues either. Will you just suck it up, buy yourself new things if they refuse to find or replace your quality items? Probably should decide now, because I bet they will deny all knowledge of missing stuff.

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