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    Default Hind Brushing Boots for Leg with Scar Tissue

    My 4-year-old gelding (who I've had since he was 4 months old) required surgery on the outside of his right hind this past June after he was kicked in the pasture. The surgery removed some dead tissue and bone that was keeping the wound from healing.

    The good news is that my boy is back to work and comfortable now that we are 3 months postop. However, he will always have some scar tissue on the outside of that leg.

    So far, I've been using either polo wraps or ankle boots on his hind legs for work; however, down the road, I'd like to use brushing boots to protect that leg as we start jumping and while working out cross country (other than hacking).

    I'm concerned that brushing boots will rub this area of the leg and cause irritation. He has TB skin/hair--fine and easily irritated. Are there any recommendations for boots that would prevent this? Or do you think he would be fine with regular brushing boots? I'm curious to see what everyone's experience is with this type of situation. Thanks so much!

    Here's a picture of the leg prior to surgery to give you an idea of size/location of the scar tissue:

    And his first little jump this past week!:
    Kelly Soldavin Harvest Moon Farm

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    I'd be more worried about it if it was the inside of a back leg --- I had a mare with a scar there and I did use a wrap on it when I rode. But on the outside of the leg? If he's thin skinned, a boot may irritate it more. Keep an eye on it, but it probably won't be a problem.

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    My chestnut, TB mare has TONS of scars all over both her hind legs from an incident with a fence when she was 2. She needs boots because she interferes a bit. I have used 3-4 kinds of boots -- Woofs, BOB knock offs, Eskadrons, etc. with no issues whatsoever. I don't think scar tissue really matters that much as long as the boots fit. I have had OTHER issues with skin sensitivity with her, but never with the scar tissue. Basically, I think as long as the boots fit well, you are wise to protect those areas and it is probably unlikely that the scar tissue will be bothered.

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    I would not put a boot over a very lumpy leg- it's just asking for uneven pressure. I'd go with something like a Eskadron Liner and a Saratoga Bandage, or a foam liner and a Saratoga. That way the pressure is uniform- not extra tight- over the scar.

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