I've been prowling the internet for the best deal I could find on a set of Andis Progress body clippers. For the most part they run from $260- $300+ so you can imagine my excitement when I found them on Horse.com for $225. I quickly put my order together and applied a promo code. The price jumped up to $250 once I added the promo code. I went back and removed it and started my order over but the price had gone back up to the regular $263 (they had an offer for 15% off the regular price which is how they got so low). I was pretty sad about it (I get pretty excited about deal shopping) and figured it would be my luck that some special pricing would expire in the middle of my order. So I decided to see if I could call and see what the deal was. They honored the pricing for me! I know $30 +/- isn't a HUGE deal but it was pretty cool that they were willing to do it and they have a pretty low flat rate shipping price too.

Just though I'd show some love and clue some people in if they've never shopped with them.