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    Default Easyboot Trail vs Backcountry Glove

    I'm about to bring my retired jumper up to NH to be my trail buddy. He's in his mid-20's, and we'll be doing mostly low-key trail riding on the lovely trails and sand roads here in Southern NH. He's barefoot now (has been for ages), but he's got big, flat, dinner-plate feet. Honestly, in 40 years with horses, I've never seen a foot so flat on the bottom. So in the name of kindness and prevention of stone bruises, I want to put him in boots. It's either that or shoes with pads (which I did when we showed), but I'd rather leave him barefoot.

    That's a long way of asking if anybody can give me a good comparison of the Easyboot Trail vs the Backcountry Glove. I still need to measure his feet, but they're big (nothing about this horse is small). For my purposes (light trail riding) is one more appropriate than the other? Ease of use? Stay-put-ness?

    TIA for any advice and guidance.
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    If your horse has flat, dinner plate feet because they are flared he probably won't do well in the Back Country Gloves, I would think the Trails would be a little more forgiving fit wise. I would suggest 12 mm black comfort pads to help him out as well. The measurements should be made by your farrier after a fresh trim. Just show him or her the Easycare measurement guidelines here: and they should be able to help you. If you want to try try the Back Country Glove boots you will need to order a "Fit Kit" to compare fit within his average sizes. If you PM me, I could help you with any questions you may have.
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