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    Default Pierre Cousyn Clinic - experiences? philosophies?

    So rumour has it that a Pierre Cousyn dressage clinic will be taking place about a 6 hour drive away from me the weekend of September 8th. All of those details are posted on the wyndrose farm website, the people who are hosting the clinic.

    My question for you all - has anyone ridden in his clinics before? Would they be newbie dressage person appropriate or should I save my pennies for another day? If I participate it would be with a talented but stubborn young mare who is still 'learning the definition of forward' (with me, and because of me, that is - BF and the coaches can make it happen nicely!).

    I'm just wondering if the different school of thought will give me some new tools in *my* toolbox to deal with her nappiness. I am a dressage newbie so don't know if this is potentially a revelation that would be big bad thing or whether good riding is just good riding. For what its worth my current dressage coach rides with Lars Peterson so would be following his school of thought...

    Any insights would be welcome!

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    I used to see Pierre teaching regularly and took a lesson in the late 90s when he was busy in the SF Peninsula area.

    At the time I was a training level rider with a sweet little brown mare and enjoyed his style and insights. He was a little difficult to understand in a busy arena with other instructors also teaching, but what he said made sense to me and when I followed his recommendations, saw/felt improvements.

    While I'm not a proponent of trainer-hopping, there's certainly something to be said for a fresh view every now and then. If he hasn't changed much, I think your time would be well spent, but I can't speak to the economics.
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    I am a boarder at Wyndrose and have ridden with Pierre quite a few times in clinics in the last year and also for 2 months straight in Florida this winter. I have ridden my whole life (a lotta years!) but just started dressage 2.5 years ago with a 3 yo Arabian gelding. Without sounding like a teenage fan club member, I'll just say that I rocket launched my dressage knowledge by riding with him. PM me and I'll send you links to videos of where we were when I started and where we are now.

    This is not to say that my usual instructor is not a good trainer - she is - Pierre is just exceptionally effective at analyzing your riding and then providing concrete help to fix whatever ails ya.

    My only suggestion would be that if you decide to ride with him, plan on riding as many days as you can to get the max help. The first session is a lot of diagnosing - the others will help you cement what you need to do to make progress.

    The other alternative is to audit this coming weekend and then return with your horse if you like what you see. He will be back once or twice this fall I am sure.

    We are a relaxed group of folks at Wyndrose - would enjoy meeting you.

    PM if you have questions.

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    I find Pierre to be just as good with a TL ride as GP. He is an extraordinary teacher, and manages to find simple solutions to problems that seemed complex. I think you would be very pleased to see what he might find to help you with your nappy mare. I agree that you should take as many lessons during the clinic as possible. Not only will it help you get a more complete answer to your questions, but if you only do one, you will be kicking yourself for not doing more!

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    I read your post to Pierre and he said that he would be happy to help you with your mare. He agrees that you should probably come for several lessons; especially given the distance you are travelling but furthermore to give you and your mare a chance to learn some tools you can take home.

    Pierre also asked me to thank everybody else that responded for their kind feedback.

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    Sep. 30, 2009


    I will definately support a shout out to Pierre!

    I had the pleasure of riding with him 3 times in Fl, and his words still stick with me today. He is a great teacher and person, who can work with beginners and advanced riders as well. Patient, precise and will not yell at you No shortcuts in his training pyramid, he is classical and it works....if you are patient and want to do it the only right way! Enjoy it and tell him Anne says hi

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