My horse had to go to the clinic for IV oxytet treatment for lyme :-(

Lou does hunter jumper horses if your horse needs some good flat work take will love him. He will ask you what you want to work on. He has done at jumping so he knows the drill

My barn is having a clinic this Thurs and Fri with Luis Denizard, international dressage trainer, and I was supposed to ride in it. It would have been my 3rd clinic with him. He is an awesome clinician so I am trying to find someone to take my place at a slight discount so I don't have to pay in full as the clinic was full and if one cancels, unless the spot is taken, I will lose all my entry.

The barn it will be at is in Allentown NJ near Cream Ridge. There is overnight stall available if needed.

You can PM me if interested and I will supply all details as I don't want this to be an "advertisment"
or contact Heidi at Rythm and Blues Stables.

Someone take advantage of my won't regret it! BTW you can do 1 or 2 days. I am totally bummed but my horse needs to get well.
I will abosrb a bit of the you get a discount...I know this is short notice :-(