Thought I would post this over here, as Lou has done eventing also.

My horse had to go to the clinic for IV oxytet treatment for lyme :-(

My barn, Rhythn abd Blues Stables, is having a clinic this Thurs and Fri with Luis Denizard and I was supposed to ride in it. It would have been my 3rd clinic with him. He is an awesome clinician so I am trying to find someone to take my place at a slight discount so I don't have to pay in full as the clinic was full and if one cancels, unless the spot is taken, I will lose all my entry.

The barn it will be at is in Allentown NJ near Cream Ridge. There is overnight stall available if needed.

PM me if interested and I will supply all details as I don't want this to be an "advertisment" which is why I did not even put the barn's name in.

Someone take advantage of my won't regret it! BTW you can do 1 or 2 days. I am totally bummed but my horse needs to get well.