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    Dec. 9, 2010
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    Default Sensitive swollen horse: whine and cheese

    I need the bubble wrap :-(. While my horse isn't nearly as bad as some of the horses on the other "sensitive" thread, I seem to have my own set of issues. Every time my mare breaks skin she swells up. Saturday night I think she must've wiped out in the pasture. She has a long very thin scrape over her shoulder, cuts on her withers, and cuts on her ankle. I actually rode later that day after thoroughly doctoring and checking for anything that might be more than superficial. Mare was completely sound and we actually had a very relaxed ride...surprising considering this mare is a total princess and the pea sort.

    Well this evening everything is completely swollen. Still completely sound though. I'm honestly not surprised because this happens with even the smallest nicks. Any suggestions to stay ahead of the swelling? I gave some bute and turned out and I'm sure the swelling will go down with turnout. tomorrow I'll cold hose poultice and wrap on the front to try and minimize swelling in the ankle while the mare is in during the day. I feel pretty sure that I'll be canceling my lesson on Wednesday thanks to this swelling.

    Can someone please pass the cheese? And maybe dark chocolate? :-(

    I'm not planning on riding unless the swelling is down. WWYD?

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    You're doing everything right. Keep her moving, keep her wrapped when she's in. I don't think you need to poultice (and I would worry about poulticing over a wound, anyway). Cold hose, cold hose, cold hose. A little bute to help. But, if she's not sore and the swelling doesn't interfere with anything, I would keep riding and go to your lesson.

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    Dec. 9, 2010
    Greensboro, NC


    Thanks YB. We spend the morning cold hosing and then put on standing wraps (Thank you Pony Club for the many hours spent perfecting my wrapping skills!!!). Poor girls is a wuss...knees trembling and everything :0

    I think I just needed a little affirmation. I may be investing in some ice boots in the near future as this isn't the first time in the past few months I've spend morning and night cold hosing.

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