As your eventing year gets close the the end and you are all planning for winter, our season is just about to begin.

I have had a rotten winter. I got whooping cough (pertussis) early in the winter. I know, I know, what adults get childhood sicknesses these days, especially with vaccines around! Then at the end of June (as I was recovering from the whooling cough, thank goodness) I managed to get myself kicked and break ribs. It is not fun to cough with broken ribs.

So, all in all, I haven't done much regular riding this winter. This past weekend we'd had no rain for a few days and the ground has dried out. A friend and I took horses to a local training centre. Horses have been out on the hills and are relatively fit - me not so much so. I now have very sore thighs!!!! Good sore though, although it doesn't pay to sit down for too long because it is hard to get started again. This is when I notice I am getting older!!

Looking forward to a great summer!