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    Aug. 26, 2012

    Default HELP with our solar powered electric fence

    We just bought this house a couple months ago and we hooked up the fence and it shows the wire has juice but I can grab the wire and not get shocked. Then when I touch any post then touch the wire at the same time it shocks me like it should just grabing the wire alone...HELP!!!!!!

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    Dec. 28, 2010


    It sounds like the solar box is not grounded. Even though it is solar you should have a ground rod like a good electric rig. You would want to make sure the wire is tight on the rod,maybe use electrical tape or a wire clamp. The connection to the box should be snug as well. The wing nut that is on the box should have the two washers and the connection as tight as you can make it without loosening it from the inside. Good Luck. OR Maybe you have special electric the horses feel the charge?

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    Aug. 26, 2012

    Default RE: HELP

    Someone today told me to put 3 grounds that would correct the problem??????Just got home so I am going to try tomorrow after work....Not sure if they feel it they never got close...they think it does hit me only when i touch any post and the wire.

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    Jul. 19, 2010
    Gum Tree PA


    Solar or plug in both fence chargers work the same way. Solar chargers draw their power from electricity made by the small solar panel. During the day it powers the fence and charges the battery. At night it draws power from the battery. Both are wired to the fence the same way. The + hot terminal/lead color coded red goes to the fence wire/tape, the - ground terminal/lead color coded green goes to the grounding rods. The “run” length of wire/tape and ground conditions, sandy dry, dry in general, the more ground rods and longer spacing will be needed. Long runs with ground that is good dirt that retains moisture and or is wet more then long dry spells three 6’ grounding rods spaced 10+ feet apart and pounded in so only about 1’ + is above the ground will do the trick. The ground wire is run in “series” starting at the far rod and continues back to the charger being connected with a grounding clamp at each rod. Make sure to use the recommended gauge/size wire. Buy the ground rods and clamps at a Home Depot/Lowes they are half the price then at a Tractor Supply or other farm stores that sell the chargers and supplies. Pounding them in can be very tricky and hard work depending on the ground. You will need a sledge hammer or “mini maul” like a sledge hammer but smaller and something to stand on to get them started. If the ground is rocky and or very hard and compacted you won’t get very far. In this case dig a 6’ trench as far down as you can and lay the grounding rod length wise and hook up. Hopefully this will work and charge the entire length of the field. The reason you are getting shocked by touching the wire and the post is because the post is acting like a grounding rod. Wood posts are not a good conductors of electricity but good enough to give you a jolt. The farther you get from the charger the less sap you should feel.

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    Welcome to the forums! We moved your thread here to Around the Farm, which is for questions about property maintenance, etc., from the Help forum, which is for technical questions about the site.

    Thanks ~
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    Download this installation manual:

    Around Page 4 are instructions for grounding, including special techniques for soils with poor conductivity.

    Freezing causes soil conductivity to greatly decrease, so ground accordingly.
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    It sounds like YOU are not grounded - are you wearing rubber shoes?

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