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    Default Large Breed Goats

    Looking into getting a large breed goat. Currently my OTTB is with my mini and they can't be separated AT ALL!!! Long story short, this weekend they have to be separated for the first time in 5 years. I have the drugs (Ace, ulcergard, etc) all ready.

    But anyway, I'd like to get another none horsie companion for my OTTB so god forbid another situation like this happens again, he has a back up companion. The problem is, my mini prefers larger "friends". What breeds of goats are roughly the size of a mini? I really like the Nubians, but how big do they get? Where can I get a goat from?

    Any websites that are loaded with goat information? My google searches have stunk.

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    Nubians are pretty good sized, and are lovely animals. is a pretty decent goat website, if you're looking for information
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    The biggest goat breed that I've been around is the Alpine--a dairy type, with upright ears and great intelligence. Your largest individuals will be wethers. Those boys can get small pony sized, and are used for goat packing! Check on CL, there are often goat ads there, especially as dairy goats that come out as boys are either pets or dinner. Boers are good sized, sturdy goats, but not as tall as an Alpine. Avoid horns-get a disbudded wether (or two) and get ready for fun and frolics as you constantly find them when they outsmart you and your fences, too!

    I like them better than Nubians..mainly because they bleat like a goat, rather than the Nubian's strangled cat sounds.
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    Some of the Saanen boys get really large.
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    From a 5 year Saanen owner-
    How close is your bedroom to the barn? Nubians can be VERY pretty (I love the colors!) but they ARE referred to as "Screamy Flappies". They can often be noisy, whereas my beloved Saanens are much calmer, MUCH quieter, bigger, and sweeter (at least to me!).

    Good luck!

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    My big gelding had a Nubien hermaphrodite as a buddy for several months and at first he was a little apprehensive but within a day or two decided that the goat was his little "foal" and he treated it as such. They were a hoot to watch and slept side by side in their pasture rolled up in a big ball and a little ball.
    The goat was not noisy nor a pest. I would love to get another some day as they are very personable and such characters.

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    Another vote for Saanens..we have had many over the years, and the wethers can get pretty big, meaning bigger than a mini. We also recently had an Alpine cross that was sure he was a horse, apparently was raised with horses. He would stick with the herd regardless of how they rebuffed him.

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    I have Cashmere goats, all with horns. The horns have a blood supply and shed heat. Yes they are kept with the horses
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    I have a Nubian as a horse companion -and yes they are talkative! (I like to hear about his day so it doesn't bother me).
    He is a great companion and family pet. He is a comedian and big love -my family adores him.

    Here are some forums-


    I bought mine locally from a dairy. Their heard is 'closed' and is considered CL, CAE and Johnes free (this was important to me). We purchased a buckling that did not meet their breeding quality standards (so a bit cheaper than the prices on their site). Being from a nice dairy he came debudded, fully vaccinated and socialized -all worth a bit of extra $ vs buying on CL or an auction for me.

    I got him here (Dairy in Illinois) -

    And -of course!- there are pictures on my blog. He is small here as he is a baby. The breeder felt he would approach 200lbs at maturity.

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    A friend had Saanens. She called them "four-hooved marshmallows". Very mellow, very people oriented, but not the ideal hot-weather goat.
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    I have an overhasli, and love him.
    I dont know how to post pics, otherwise I would. I really enjoy him, and so does everyone else.

    I love the large breed goats...they seem better behaved, but maybe that is just my goat!
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