My younger sister is soon to graduate school and we both plan on moving back to Orlando to pick jobs back up at Disney. Was the happiest time of both of our lives, would be a good change while we're young enough to travel, etc.

However, I would be bringing three dogs under 50#--one an English Bull Terrier outright, the other who I could hypothetically rebrand as a cattle dog mix (since she is) but has bully in her, and a cattle dog.

We will be looking at housing in the Orlando/Celebration area. Anyone from or live near the area--whats the 'dog' scene like? How are bully breeds received generally in housing--is it a dog friendly area? When I lived there before I was a college student living in dorms, so I can't remember for the life of me. I've been doing research online but not really sure what I"m getting into before making the drive to visit.