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    Sep. 23, 2009

    Default Poor Kitty

    While walking through my study tonight, which houses my 5 week old foster kitties, I went to avoid one who ran under my foot and managed to land smack on the one running from the other side. *sigh* I came down full weight on her little head!

    So, one trip to the emergency vet later, I have a concussed kitten who apparently has a broken forward button. She is only moving backwards in a circular fashion. Thankfully, the vet didn't think she was too badly injured, just a concussion. He thinks about 48 hours of crate rest will fix her right up.

    She did eat this evening, which makes me feel a little better. Now if her forward button would come back online, I'd feel a lot better.

    Note to self, must shuffle in the study until the kitties are grown up. No walking allowed!

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    Jul. 1, 2011


    One day we were letting my dogs out of the back of the SUV. When I say the first "OK" it allows my little dogs out (10 pound mini poodle and a 20 pound shih tzu cross mutt), that way they can get out of the way before our 70 pound doberman jumps out. We say ok again and that allows the doberman to exit.

    So I said ok to my little dogs and they hopped out and ran to the house door. I then said Ok to my doberman, and JUST then my poodle ran back to the SUV. My doberman jumped out of the SUV and landed straight on my 10 pound poodle's head, crushing it against the concrete of the garage pad. My poodle screamed the worst scream you could imagine and couldn't get up right away. He finally did get up but was not at all with it and could not walk a straight line! I called my usual vet but it was like a saturday or sunday night and it was closed. Was about to rush him to emergency when he started to walk straighter and come to. After a few more minutes he seemed totally fine though I kept a close eye on him for the next bit!!

    It certainly is very scary when something like that happens!! I hope your little kitty is ok!!

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    Feb. 11, 2010
    S. Calif.


    i hope the little kitty is better soon. Jingles from S. Calif.!!!

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    Apr. 14, 2001


    I was just out at the beach, and sting rays were a concern, so I was advised to "shuffle" through the surf lest I stand on a ray that would take offense.

    We brought home a puppy from that trip, and I feel like I am perpetually wandering through string ray infested waters, because she is always underfoot. I am currently unable to lift a foot more than 1" off the ground, or I'm going to be stomping on the baby dog.

    Long story short, I understand what you're facing Good luck with the wee kitten. Good thing they're cute, eh?

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    Jul. 13, 2011
    East Longmeadow, MA


    Oh poor baby. Jingles that s/he is totally OK.
    What's wrong with you?? Your cheese done slid off its cracker?!?!

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