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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnwood View Post

    From what I read on the physical exam on intake it says
    MS:BS 3/6 Symmetrical muscling with ribs visible on both sides but vertebrae still covered with muscling.

    Under discharge instructions 9) A complete blood count and chemistry was submitted. The CBC reveled some inflammation and there were changes on chemistry due to anorexia and muscle damage.

    Also about his feeding. If his Chemistry reveled anorexia their moderate feeding plan certainly in on par with the idea that you have to gradually wean them up to full feedings when you suspect starvation.
    Any horse that gets kicked in the teeth and stops eating from the pain in the mouth can go into ketosis in just 2 days. Glucose snaps them out of it in 5 minutes. Painkillers allowed him to eat again. If he was malnourished it is the duty of the veterinarians who treated him in the setting of a legal court case alleging neglect to put that in the report. So I am still looking for that in the report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acertainsmile View Post
    DMK, how many horses with head trauma have you treated? Just curious and an honest question.
    Several came in my barn when I ran a post op facility (thank you babies and starting gates). I've had way more memorable fun with corneal ulcers with fungal complications though. And jaw fractures. And a really funky brain tumor in a broodmare that delivered twins. Safely. Both of them healthy. Couldn't say the same for mom though. But that was because of her tumor under her skull between her eyes. Fascinating necropsy though.

    But just out of curiosity, are you equating lacerations/wounds that happened to be on the head and neck with the medical terminology "head trauma" which is more generally accepted to mean injury to the skull or brain? Because my horse came in with a cut on his cannon bone the other day, but I didn't think to equate to a condyler fracture even though both involve cannon bones.
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    I'm not in disagreement with you DMK. The reasons I suppose will come out in the laundry

    As far as perhaps medical boarding. I have primarily worked in referral facilities but early on in my career worked for a facility that did all of the counties abuse/neglect management cases. We did keep animals for them that were receiving treatments that needed to be documented/recorded by licensed professionals because of on going court cases.
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    I'd like to elaborate on the blood work. While the values are 'within normal limits', the indexes are off. When the indexes are off, the values can not be taken for face value and are 'open for interpretation', which is not something you put in a report, which should just state facts and observations.

    Based on the indexes, it looks like it has been going on for some time.

    Anorexia per se has not 'time frame', however 'starvation' does imply a time frame and an accusation, so the first word is legally correct to use, the 2nd is not. Starvation also implies 'lack of objectivity' (there is blame) and that is not UCD's job. This is not UCD first rodeo.

    Also indexes don't change 'overnight', it is not a 2 day process, it takes a long time for indexes to change, weeks, months.

    I do think RS lost. He would have had a great home with Rising Star, no doubt aabout that in my mind. He would have had a great (working) retirement. Not many people are set up to handle, or house stallions. That is likely why he stayed longer at UCD.

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    Sure to get kicked out of the Bible Belt soon.....


    This made me sad for RS. ( no other agenda, comment or implication).
    Come to the dark side, we have cookies

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    Once again, we're getting into needless personal commentary on this thread. We understand that it's a passionate topic, but we're going to close the thread again, pending further developments.

    Mod 1

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