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    Default Safety Lesson for the Day - The Bolt Latch Injury

    Make sure this doesn't happen to your horse because it's not pretty.
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    can't say you didn't warn me
    Quote Originally Posted by Bristol Bay View Post
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    I've heard of and seen horses with wired up jaws that got broken because they put their heads over their stall doors and fiddled with one of those door latches with a horseshoe for the handle...usually home-made jobs. The horse gets his front teeth over and the horseshoe jams in where the bit sits, horse throws head up and panics.
    Cannot imagine trying to free such a horse.
    If you have any of these, wire them up through the nai lholes so the horse cannot bite them.
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    One of my boarders had a similar injury to her horse's shoulder at her previous barn. They were rushing to get ready to go to a show and the latch just ripped the skin like paper.

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    Yep, saw a top notch Arab breeding stallion with about an 18" horizontal cut on his haunches from a latch. Not a pretty sight at all.

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    A horse in for rehab at my trainer's did something like that. She was running from one paddock to the next at feedtime. I'm not sure exactly what she caught it on because my trainer always wraps towel around the latches and bolts of open gates. I do know she ripped a hole in her side deep enough you could see a rib. The vet sewed the skin back, but the skin and muscle died. Cleaning that out every day I am told she looks good as new now, with just a tiny scar - the cut was at least as big around as the one in the picture.

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    My older horse ripped his face open on one of those upper latches that is meant to latch a sliding door between stall and run, if that makes sense. It was nasty - ripped all the skin on his cheek down so it was flapping in the breeze. Sorry, nasty. Healed up just fine, though he does have a big scar. Give him character, just like Harrison Ford.
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