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    Sep. 20, 2011

    Default Rescue being forced to close its doors?

    Someone mentioned True Innocents Equine Rescue situation on the Fugly blog and, upon cursory examination, they seem to be a legit rescue who have unfortunately fallen on very hard times. For further details, check out this news story:

    And their website:

    Seems a shame for them to be forced to close their doors - even if only in consideration of the horses they currently house.

    Someone has already commented on Fugly's FB page saying they've contacted the rescue about adopting a horse. If you can do the same, or know someone else who can, please share and help the horses!

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    Sep. 5, 2005


    There is already a thread about this.
    I realize that I'm generalizing here, but as is often the case when I generalize, I don't care. ~ Dave Barry

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    Thanks for posting and getting the word out but yes they are a fabulous rescue and I adopted 2 horses from TIER.

    I am hoping to do a fund raiser for them at my stable if all things fall into place.

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    Mar. 1, 2005


    This has been a hard year on horse rescues nationwide. Feed/hay costs are out of control. Vet, insurance, and fuel are going higher than expected. But donations didn't recover to the pre-recession levels. Please support your local horse rescues!

    It really sucks their property is being foreclosed on. Not to take away from their plight, but this is just a really tough thing for any horse rescue to afford. Rents are out of control in many parts of the country. It's so hard to find a new affordable place to relocate to, much less do it for a herd of horses. It's so nice they're getting news coverage and lots of internet exposure. I hope they find a new farm in time. It saddens me to think a % of horses in rescues came from individuals who lost their own homes/farms to foreclosure. This recession stinks and it needs to end.

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