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    Default removing chestnut hair from white wooly pads

    I have three or four toklat saddle pads and short of dying them brown how do I remove the felted in chestnut hair from them?
    I am considering hair conditioner and combing them out but there must be an easier way. Maybe the gaited horse people are onto something. It might just be easier and cheaper to replace the panels every two years than spend x money electricty, water, detergent plus y hours fighting to keep the saddle pads clean.
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    Oct. 30, 2009


    This is why I use a cotton baby pad under my good pads. I just throw it in the washer. You can even make your own.

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    I am interested in the answer as well. I have a hammy down Toklat cool back saddle pad – I love this pad, its thick, wicking, and just makes my saddle fit better than any of my other pads (including sheepskin half pad / baby pad duo). I like the fleece directly against the horse’s back vs. a baby pad.

    But it is on its last legs – too much hair trapped it in, came to me with a fair bit of hair already.

    I want to buy another one (either the cool back or wool back), but for $60 to $100 I want to be able to make sure it doesn’t get clogged with hair and ruined right away.

    How do you care for these?!? Do you have to brush it out with a wire brush after every ride (mine was already too matted from washings to be brushed).
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    Spray with static guard and brush off.

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    I use a cheap slicker brush on the 'felted on' hair.
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    I use a shed n blade and very lightly run it over the area multiple times. It will remove a lot of the hair!

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