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    Mar. 10, 2007

    Default Wellness food for super cheap-anything I should know?

    We have an Amish store here-they buy bulk/overstock/closing type items from grocery stores all over the country and sell them for discounted prices. Sometimes the items are dented cans or expired stuff but if you pay attention you can avoid it and get really good stuff for cheap.

    I'm usually happy to get a $1 box of cereal for the teenage boy or a $2.50 bottle of high quality olive oil but today...

    they have an entire pallet each of Wellness Core for dogs (Ocean) and cats (Original). Twenty ? pound bags of the dog for $7.50 and the large bag of cat food for $6.00. I've not fed Wellness before-I feed a high quality food now (Infinia) but it's much more expensive than this price. The food isn't expired (May of 2013) and it was made in PA. I haven't ever seen Wellness in any of the feed or specialty stores here so I'm sure it's traveled some distance.... I'm not familiar with it other than what I've read here and gleaned from the website the last five minutes. That means I won't be able to keep feeding it when I run out but it sure seems like a screaming good deal to me; I could stock up for quite a while. With five dogs and six cats, I'm all for a good deal.

    Should I bring the truck and buy a ton of it tomorrow or shy away? The guy at the store thought it was an overstock they bought from another store but said he wasn't sure...Has Wellness been caught up in any recalls?


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    Mar. 8, 2004
    Baltimore, MD

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    Mar. 28, 2002
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    How about make a run across the border with a whack of cat food???ROFL
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    Mar. 17, 2008


    The only Wellness recipe that had a recall was the large breed puppy as Lauriace posted.
    I've been feeding all my dogs Wellness for almost 2 yrs now and have been very pleased. I feed them Core, Simple, and the small breed recipes, no issues and actually the Simple Salmon has been a godsent for my newest poodle with food allergies.
    I wish I could find them that cheap here!
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    Sep. 5, 2005


    Check the manufacture date and go for it!!! That's an incredible bargain on excellent food. My fat corgi eats their Core Reduced Fat, and my fat cat eats their Healthy Weight. I'm convinced that the food keeps them from exploding.
    I realize that I'm generalizing here, but as is often the case when I generalize, I don't care. ~ Dave Barry

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    Sep. 7, 2009
    Lexington, KY


    I'm loving Wellness Simple for my prone to the runs collie. I think I'd go for it...maybe check the codes with the manufacturer first, but I'll be a pet store went out of business and sold the stock.

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    Oct. 12, 2001
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    they are excellent foods. If the expiration date is ok, and the bags look intact, I'd go for it.

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