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    Aug. 14, 2012

    Default Inspections

    I will probably get in trouble for not thinking of this prior to breeding but I won't lie when I bred my mare I wasn't concerned about registration. But now that I have started looking into getting the foal possible registered (if I can get the mares papers) and I have questions.

    I have a TB mare bred to a RPSI and Oldenburg N.A. approved stallion. He is a young stallion and only has two foals on the ground and they were born after I had bred my mare to him. She is due late February early March (she is maiden so I am thinking she won't foal out till March). She is an older maiden (15) but caught on the first try through AI. Just checked her a few weeks ago and all is going well she is about 5 months.

    First which registry should I look at getting her approved with and her foal registered? I know that I can get the mare approved with both but if I am going to get the foal inspected I would like to be able to get it branded with the registry.

    Of course this is all if I can get a duplicate copy of the mare JC papers. I know that I can still get her approved without them but it will reduce which mare book she can be placed in...correct?

    I also have questions about getting mare and foal read to be inspected. Looking at this year schedule of inspections for both registries and my foal will be probably 5 month at inspection because I bred for a early foal. Does this usually work in your favor or against?

    I’m also a big fan of turnout (especially for young and growing) but this means my mare and foal might be sun bleached. Do judges frown on this?

    Thanks for any advice you all can give me.

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    Honestly, if the foal is for you and not for sale, I'd go with whichever of those 2 registries has a closer inspection, lol.

    If it's for sale, I think that more people are familiar with Old NA than with RPSI (so there might be more "brand recognition", so to speak), but both registries are very friendly to "newbies" and have good customer service.

    It's difficult to say how being 5 months old will affect your foal's scores. There is a saying that 3 weeks, 3 months, and 3 years is when the youngster looks good, so in theory 3 months would be the optimum time to have one inspected, but foals change from day to day and week to week. Your foal could look magnificent the day of the inspection, or he could suddenly go waaaaay butt high at the last minute.

    Sun bleaching is NOT an issue. They want the foal to look healthy, they don't care if the foal is bleached, or shedding and looking motheaten

    Some registries will work through the jockey club if the mare can be ID'd through her tattoo and DNA, if you cannot find the papers (or never got them).

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    You will be just fine with a 5 month old - the judges take it all into account.
    My 5 month old is super butt high and all mine live outside. Make sure they are clean, well presented, feet trimmed, and you can body clip of you get desperate! The JC is very easy to deal with- it will cost you 150 for duplicate papers and they need a bill of sale. You will have papers within a week. Good luck!

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