Just recieved these from Smart Pak. On sale for a price I could not refuse (Orig $200 but on sale for $49 - all sold out now). They have removable liners, sheepskin and neoprene.
Pic http://www.netequestrian.com/images/...t/WB181602.jpg

I was a bit surprised with just how stiff they are. Honestly, I had to put some good effort into shaping them into a leg shape (came packaged completely flat), felt like I was bending stiff plastic! I can't even imagine putting these on a leg! I've only had Beval leather boots, they were not so stiff at all, and that's all I have to compare to. If I actually paid $200, I would feel like I got robbed.

The point of this thread is to ask if these boots do soften up nicely with use? I was going to put some leather therapy on them, but if they're crap, I'll just return them instead. A bargain is only bargain if I didn't waste my money. I can't use these boots like this.