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    Dec. 5, 2001

    Default Bordetella booster or not?

    I have a 6mo male pup who got Bordetella in a combo shot when he was 9 weeks old in March. So it expires in September.

    Also have a 3yo female due for her shots (bordetella included) this Aug. Her vet apt tomorrow.

    Would you booster the shot for the pupp (give another bordetella) if you were planning on boarding in a weeks time?

    The pups been to the groomers 2x and been to doggie classes. But never boarded. I typically have a dog sitter. But I want to make sure that he's comfortable in a boarding setting in case I have to board. Ie tree falls on house and makes it unsafe for us to remain at home, everyone looses power in immediate area, and dog has to be boarded. (been there done that) So I thought that I'd start to work on that. Take him and his older buddy (who loves everyone and is comfortable in a boarding setting) to the kennel and leave him couple hours one day... se how he does... then eventually do an overnight stay....

    Should I booster him?

    this is same dog I wrote about a while ago about being reactive to people/dogs outside of the home....and car sickness. He's loads better, but I'm not comfortable just dropping him off for a weekend stay at the boarding kennel just yet.

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    Mar. 26, 2011


    When I was traveling for school and business I made sure my dogs were up to date on their kennel cough vaccination. When that changed and there was no more travel I let it slide.

    I was also leery about boarding, but I had an excellent boarding situation that I happily drove an hour to access. It's good to get them used to being boarded IMO. It's good practice for you too.

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    I would only booster if the kennel required it.

    IMO the vaccine does not do much, if any, good.

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    Apr. 10, 2001
    Atlanta, GA


    I never give my dog a bordetella. If I had to board him in a place that required it, I would just give him the one. But he goes out and about, to dog shows, and training with no issues whatsoever.

    I don't like giving a vaccine that often and I would be titering if our county hadn't gone to 3 year shots.


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    Oct. 12, 2001
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    ask the kennel- many kennels won't take dogs who haven't had a bordatella vaccine within X months prior to being boarded.

    Otherwise I wouldn't bother with bordatella vaccine. It doesn't protect the dog against much- they can still get kennel cough- and in my experience it has a high rate of icky reactions, namely lots of dogs get sore/feel sick for a few days after getting it.

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    Sep. 22, 2008


    In my experience, any kennel worth boarding at it is required every 6 months. Do the intranasal over the injectable, it has less side effects and often also has some added protection for parainfluenza.
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    Aug. 15, 2008


    Not only do most kennels worth their salt require it, but they also require it to be given at least 7 days prior to their stay.

    Just ran into this issue myself. Dog was almost due so I waited until she WAS due. 4 days before I left on vacation and had to board her. Even the vet wouldn't let her board having had it only 4 days before a stay.

    Luckily I found a great place, but just thought I'd pass on I just had that issue.
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