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    Unhappy Bruno Puppy has Hives

    How long does it take for hives to develop after exposure to an allergen?

    Bruno puppy went to training 9-10 this morning and had some new treats. He played outside between 11:30-12:00pm, including plowing through our landscaping bushes as usual. He was in the family room/laundry room area between 12-3pm, and then hives started popping up.

    There really isn't anything to get into in the family room/laundry room - that is why he is allowed to wander there when we are home but not actively supervising him.

    So, more likely from new treats this morning (5 hours before hives)?
    foliage/insects (3 hours before hives)?
    unknown indoor allergen immediately before hives?

    Since he does not seem to have any signs of throat swelling or eye swelling, we gave him some benadryl and are watching him. He is itchy and really appreciates our extra scratches.

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    Oh your poor baby. Those don't look so much like hives to me as they do insect sting bumps. Maybe he ran into some ground bees or got caught by some wasps or hornets.

    Of course they still could be hives but generally hives are smaller and more numerous. But good that you gave him the Benadryl - it should help with both the swelling and the itching. But I'd keep watching him anyway just to be sure there isn't some delayed reaction (breathing difficulty) in which case you might need to make a trip to the ER vet.

    I hope he feels better soon and those bumps just go away on their own.

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